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Who Are the Orishas?

Who Are the Orishas?

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The Orishas are deities in the Afro-Caribbean religion of Santería. They are considered to be powerful spiritual entities that can interact with the human world and can be invoked through rituals and ceremonies. The exact number of Orishas can vary depending on the tradition or individual practitioner, but some of the most commonly recognized Orishas include:

  • Olorun: Also known as Olodumare, Olorun is considered to be the creator god and the source of all power and energy in the universe.

  • Obatala: The Orisha of creation, wisdom and purity. He is considered to be the father of all Orishas and is associated with the creation of the world and the human race.

  • Yemaya: The Orisha of the sea and motherhood. She is associated with fertility, protection, and the well-being of children.

  • Chango: The Orisha of fire, thunder and lightning, masculinity, and male sexuality. He is associated with justice, power, and success.

  • Oya: The Orisha of death and the afterlife, as well as transformation, change, and the winds. She is also associated with female warriors and is considered a protector of women.

  • Oshun: The Orisha of love, beauty, and sensuality. She is associated with the rivers and is considered a protector of women and children.

  • Eshu: The Orisha of crossroads, communication, and trickery. He is considered to be a messenger between the human and spiritual worlds and is associated with the concept of destiny.

  • Babalu Aye: The Orisha of healing, who is associated with the earth and is considered to be a protector of the sick and the elderly.

  • Ifa: The Orisha of divination, wisdom, and knowledge

  • Orunmila: The Orisha of wisdom, destiny, and divination.

  • Oke: The Orisha of the sky, and the ruler of the stars.

  • Nana: The Orisha of the river, and the protector of the poor and the oppressed.

  • Shango: The Orisha of thunder and lightning, as well as justice, power, and success.

  • Egungun: The Orisha of ancestors, and the protector of the dead.

  • Yewa: The Orisha of destiny, and the guardian of the crossroads.

  • Osun: The Orisha of love, beauty, and sensuality.

  • Aja: The Orisha of the forest, and the protector of wild animals

  • Ibeji: The Orisha of twins, and the protector of children.

This is not an exhaustive list, and different practitioners may have different beliefs about the exact number of Orishas and their specific attributes, characteristics and a distinct personality. They are associated with different aspects of life and natural phenomena, and each has its own unique role and significance in the Santeria tradition.

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