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2023 Pagan / Wiccan Calendar

January 2023 Holidays

Named after Janus, the god of doors, gates, and transitions; January is the perfect time for door-opening rituals, setting intentions and new beginnings.

  • Jan. 6: Full Moon in Cancer – Wolf Moon
  • Jan. 14: Thorrablot – Norse/Heathen celebration honoring Thor
  • Jan. 21: Celtic Tree Month of Rowan begins
  • Jan. 21: New Moon in Capricorn
  • Jan. 24: Sementivae – a grain-oriented Roman festival
  • Jan. 30 – Feb 2: Roman celebration of Februalia
  • Jan. 31: Up Helly Aa – Scottish celebration in the Shetland Islands
  • Jan. 31: Disablot – Norse celebration of new beginnings

February 2023 Holidays

Februalia was the ancient spring festival of washing and purification. The land had to be prepared for the planting of seeds in the coming season, so all sorts of cleansing rituals were encouraged.

  • Feb. 1: Imbolc – Celebration of the Goddess Brighid.
  • (Southern Hemisphere: Lammas or Lughnasadh – The grain harvest at the end of summer.)
  • Feb. 5: Full Moon in Leo – Snow Moon
  • Feb. 13-21: Roman Festival of Parentalia – honor the ancestors
  • Feb. 14: Valentine’s Day celebration
  • Feb. 15: Lupercalia – Fertility celebration
  • Feb. 18: Celtic Tree Month of Ash begins
  • Feb. 20: New Moon in Pisces

March 2023 Holidays

As the spring equinox brings balance to the planet, this month is also a time to bring balance into our lives. Celebrate the spring!

  • Mar. 1: Matronalia – ancient festival of Juno, the birth goddess
  • Mar. 7: Full Moon in Virgo – Worm Moon
  • Mar. 21: Ostara – Spring Equinox and celebration of Goddess Eostre
  • (Southern Hemisphere: Mabon – The Autumn Equinox)
  • Mar. 17: St Patrick’s Day – a time to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland.
  • Mar. 18: Celtic Tree Month of Alder begins
  • Mar. 21: New Moon in Pisces.
  • Mar. 27: Mothers’ Day

April 2023 Holidays

Rebirth abounds in April as the Earth is ready to sprout forth new life from the dormant winter. Get outside and feel the crisp air as it begins to take on a new warmth. Enjoy the change of the season by planting seeds either figurative or literal!

  • Apr. 6: Full Moon in Libra  Pink Moon
  • Apr. 15: Sigrblot/Sumarsdag – Norse celebration of the first day of summer in Scandinavian countries
  • Apr. 15: Celtic Tree Month of Willow begins
  • Apr. 20: New Moon in Taurus
  • Apr. 22: Earth Day – Honoring Gaia
  • Apr. 28 – May 3: Floralia – Honors the goddess of spring flowers & vegetation. See Persephone
  • Apr. 30: May Eve or Rhiannon’s Day

May 2023 Holidays

This month is an excellent time to expand your horizons. If you have been wanting to try something new, now is the time to jump in full force.

  • May 1Beltane – Celebration of fire and fertility
  • (Southern Hemisphere: Samhain – the Witches’ New Year)
  • May 1: Roman Festival of Bona Dea – Fertility goddess
  • May 5: Full Moon in Scorpio – Flower Moon Lunar Eclipse.
  • May 13: Celtic Tree Month of Hawthorn begins
  • May 19: New Moon in Taurus

June 2023 Holidays

The light has returned, and summer is officially here. Use this month to soak up the rays of light from the sun. Honor the solar deities as its heat and light shine down upon you. Allow the nourishing rays to enhance a project or idea that you have been growing since spring.

  • Jun. 4: Full Moon in Sagittarius – Strawberry Moon
  • Jun. 7-15: Roman Festival of Vestalia – honors the priestesses of Vesta, goddess of the hearth.
  • Jun. 10: Celtic Tree Month of Oak begins
  • Jun. 18: New Moon in Cancer
  • Jun. 19: Father’s day celebration
  • Jun. 21Litha – The Summer Solstice
  • (Southern Hemisphere: Yule – The Winter Solstice)

July 2023 Holidays

During the peak of the sun, it is a great time to get into the water. Let the cool refreshing water wash away any old baggage that is hanging around. Welcome the revitalization of water by bringing in the beauty of all the colorful flowers around you.

  • Jul. 3: Full Moon in Capricorn – Buck Moon.
  • Jul. 8: Celtic Tree Month of Holly begins
  • Jul. 17: New Moon in Cancer

August 2023 Holidays

The harvest time is a time to reap the benefits of what has been sown. This month collect what you have grown either spiritually, physically, emotionally, or creatively. Don’t forget to save some of the bounties up for the coming cold of winter.

  • August 1Lammas or Lughnasdah – The grain harvest
  • (Southern Hemisphere: Imbolc – honoring the goddess Brighid and return of the light after the long winter)
  • Aug. 1: Full Moon in Aquarius – Sturgeon Moon
  • Aug. 5: Celtic Tree Month of Hazel begins
  • Aug. 13: Roman Festival of Pomona, goddess of apples and orchards
  • Aug. 16: New Moon in Leo
  • Aug. 23: Vulcanalia – Roman Festival
  • Aug. 31: Full Moon in Pisces – Blue Moon

September 2023 Holidays

As the leaves shift their colors to store food for the coming winter, we too must store our own energy for the darkness ahead. Take time to enjoy the changing of the season by spending time in nature

  • Sep. 2: Celtic Tree Month of Vine begins
  • Sep. 15: New Moon Virgo
  • Sep. 21: International Day of Peace
  • Sep. 22Mabon – Autumn Equinox
  • (Southern Hemisphere: Ostara – the Spring Equinox)
  • Sep. 29: Full Moon in Aries – Harvest Moon.
  • Sep. 30: Celtic Tree Month of Ivy begins

October 2023 Holidays

The light is fading, and the dark is setting in. This month is a great time to reflect on your own roots and where you came from. Take time to honor your ancestor as the veil between the worlds thins. Be open to receiving psychic messages, meditation and journaling.

  • Oct. 3: Roman Festival of Bacchus – God of vegetation and wine
  • Oct. 14: New Moon in Libra – Solar Eclipse
  • Oct. 28: Celtic Tree Month of Reed beings
  • Oct. 28: Full Moon in Taurus – Hunter’s Moon  Lunar Eclipse
  • Oct. 31Samhain – The Witches’ New Year
  • (Southern Hemisphere: Beltane – a feast of fire and fertility)
  • Oct. 31: Winter Nights/Vetrablot – Norse celebration of the arrival of winter

November 2023 Holidays

The end of the harvest brings with it the cold of winter. As the chill sets in the air, begin to strengthen your relationship with the divine during the coming darkness. Reach out to friends and family and reconnect. Focus on gratitude and let go of the things in your life that no longer serve you.

  • Nov. 13: New Moon in Scorpio
  • Nov. 16: Hecate’s Night
  • Nov. 25: Celtic Tree Month of Elder begins
  • Nov. 27: Full Moon in Gemini – Beaver Moon
  • Nov 30: Festival of Hecate Trivia – to honor the Triple Goddess

December 2023 Holidays

The perfect month for gathering with friends and family to feel their warmth during the cold of winter. Take this month to spend time reflecting on the previous year. But don’t forget to look ahead as the new year can be full of changes. Focus your energy on the upcoming spring and how you want to prepare for the start of new projects or adventures.

  • Dec. 12: New Moon in Sagittarius
  • Dec. 17: Saturnalia, a Roman celebration of the god Saturn, begins
  • Dec 21Yule – the Winter Solstice
  • (Southern Hemisphere: Litha – The Summer Solstice)
  • Dec. 23: Celtic Tree Month of Birch begins
  • Dec. 25: Feast of Frau Holle, the Germanic goddess
  • Dec. 27: Full Moon in Cancer – Cold Moon
  • Dec. 31: Festival of Hogmanay – Scottish holiday that celebrates the new year