7 Day Jar Candles

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    7 day Jar Candles can be a great way for beginners to begin to break into the craft. Quick and easy to use these ritual candles are capable of bringing about ones desires pretty quickly if they are used properly.

    The candles come in all different makes and sizes including beeswax, soy, and plain paraffin wax. The common element in all jar candles is that the wax is self contained within a glass jar that not only keeps the wax from spilling out and making a mess when being burned but it also allows the candle to stay safely lit for several days in a row.

    7 Day Jar Candles can be used as a compliment with your other ritual tools or it can be used as a stand alone tool for a single ritual or spell. 7 day jar candles do come in various different flavors and intents such as for love, protection, energy release, astral travel, and many others.

    There is no set restriction in using a 7 day candle and an individual can use them in several different ways.

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