Your Moon Sign Meaning Explained, According To Astrology

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When we talk about zodiac signs, most of people think in terms of Sun signs. After all, you can easily identify anyone's Sun sign (including your own) by knowing nothing other than their date of birth. But while finding your Moon sign in your birth chart may be slightly more complicated, your Moon sign's meaning is an equally important part of who you really are.

What does your Moon sign mean?

Moon signs reveal a person's inner personality traits and what goes on in their deepest emotional life. Whereas your Sun sign influences your dominant personality traits, your Moon sign influences the way you feel about and process your experiences, as well how you then respond and regulate your impulses and emotions.

It's said that your Sun sign determines who you think you are (I.e. your personality), your Rising sign determines your self (I.e., your identity), and your Moon sign determines your inner world (I.e., the way you respond to external factors).

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It's important to note that your Sun sign will not necessarily be the same as your Moon sign. While your Sun sign correlates to the entire day you were born, no matter what the hour, Moon signs shift so frequently that being born a mere two minutes apart from someone with your same exact birthday (even an identical twin) could mean you each have entirely different Moon signs.

Now that you have a better sense of what a Moon sign is, find out what your Moon sign means about your deeper, more emotional side. If you don't know yours, you can use a Moon sign calculator to look it up before reading on.

Moon Sign Meanings

Aries Moon

If you were born under an Aries Moon, nothing happens fast enough for you. Instant gratification is your best friend. You are prone to whims and love living in the moment rather than waiting for things to come to you.

A Moon in Aries means you have an independent, free spirit. It’s hard for you to see the long-term.

You're fiery and passionate, so you face your problems head on without bothering to tiptoe around other people's feelings. You're also prone to have short-lived crushes that burn hot and fizzle out fast. That said, you're not one to manipulate or play games. It’s straight to the point for you at all times.

Taurus Moon

If you were born under a Taurus Moon, familiarity is everything. You enjoy being rooted in routines and creature comforts, so building a safe home helps you feel content and at peace.

A Moon in Taurus means you are stubborn, but that also means you are true to your word, if you make a commitment to someone, you do your best to come through.

You have a romantic nature. Once your feelings are cemented for someone they won't waver. Your relationships last because you never make a move without first carefully evaluating whether or not it will benefit you. Breakups and fall-outs are rare and a serious business to anyone with a Cancer Moon.

Gemini Moon

If you were born under a Gemini Moon, you are quite the charmer. Your pleasant personality and quick wit easily win people over, though you can get a bit touchy or moody at times around people with whom you feel comfortable.

A Moon in Gemini means you're curious-minded. You love adventure and exploring, so you're likely to a jack-of-all-trades, as well as one the most well-informed people you know. You are open to new ideas, which also makes you a free thinker.

A nervous disposition and worried mind are fairly common for people with this Lunar disposition. You tend to stress over little things and may become restless and anxious when not in motion. Sitting still just won't do for you. You're social and fun, you love starting new projects, and you prefer to have a packed to-do list at all time.

Cancer Moon

If you were born under a Cancer Moon, you feel most at home in your emotional life, as the Moon is Cancer's natural ruler. You are a sensitive empath who is acutely in touch with not only your own feelings, but also with the feelings of others. You have an amazing memory, especially when it comes to those that are highly emotionally charged.

A Moon in Cancer means you are rarely detached. You hold on tightly to your possessions, home and people you care for, they bring you a sense of peace which is something people who have this lunar sign are constantly striving for.

You are cautious of change, dislike situations of upheaval and hate superficial things, you prefer substance. You do have a bit of an insecure streak though and will sometimes overcompensate with material things or creature comforts. However, you have an absolutely killer sense of humor and a unique outlook on life.

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Leo Moon

If you were born under a Leo Moon, you love being in the spotlight, but only on your own terms and in your comfort zone. You enjoy entertaining your friends and family, and will go out of your way to be seen as the comedian in your friend group.

A Moon in Leo means you love to keep things organized, as you love to be in control. You're likely to be know as the organizer and planner in your family, scheduling and coordinating everyone's adventures to your heart's content.

You are also quite creative and love showing that side of yourself off. Whether your special talents lie in art, home decoration or your killer sense of style, you love flaunting your fiery spirit.

Virgo Moon

If you were born under a Virgo Moon, the little things in life are what appeal to you most. You feel your best when you're able to maintain a simple daily routine. You like to feel needed and useful, so being idle just won't do. You're always the first to step up and

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