Leo Moon Sign Traits + Best Zodiac Love Compatibility

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Leo Moon Sign Meaning, Traits & Characteristics

A Sun sign is what we commonly know as our sign of the zodiac, but there are many other aspects that make up who we are, cosmically. And we can find many truths when we explore our Moon signs.

While Sun signs describe our more obvious traits, Moon signs point out the subtle, more cerebral aspects of our nature. We look to the Moon sign of an individual to determine what they are about emotionally. 

What a Leo Moon Means

The Leo Moon is somewhat of a mixture of standard Leo traits, along with how Leo affects their instincts and intuition. The Moon is all about intuition and our psychic ability, and Leo gives a dramatic take on what a Moon sign can bring us.

Leo is a Fire sign, so expect inspired thinking and creative action.

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Moon in Leo: Characteristics and Personality Traits

Leo is ruled by the Sun and is often associated with royalty.

Emotionally, this means that if you are a Leo Moon, you tend to feel superior and sometimes haughty; you have an air of elitism about you and, ironically, it does not disturb people.  They tend to respect you more because they sense that you are someone who is confident and charismatic.

Because Leo is a fixed sign, there is a sense of permanence here. And in life, it looks like Leo Moon is someone who will come through, be the right person at the right time, and do what is right, all within the boundaries of respect.

Leo Moons are people with grand appetites; they want only the best in their lives and treat themselves like royalty. Nothing is too good for them, and if you are partnered with a Leo Moon, or if you are one, you can only accept excellence and prime choice.

You will fight for what you want, because you truly believe there is no point in settling for less than what you believe you deserve.

But aside from their need for excellence, there are other personality traits of a Leo Moon.

Leo Moons are persistent.

Leo Moon has nothing on their agenda that does not spell ultimate success, and they care very little about how long it takes to create that success.

The process is very important to Leo Moon, and that means they stick to the plan, no matter what.

Persistence is a great Leo character trait, and that means they are very patient as well. With a goal in mind, Leo can achieve anything they want because they are undaunted when it comes to persistence.

Leo Moons are loyal and devoted.

As it is with the Leo Sun sign, so goes it with the Leo Moon. This is the sign of dedication, and that means to love, to family, to work — anyone with a Leo Moon is absolutely devoted to whatever they put their mind to.

They wish to be respected and, in turn, show much respect to others. Being kind and compassionate is a Leo trait, and the Leo Moon is doubly sensitive to the idea of kindness as a way of showing loyalty.

They do not leave their mates, nor do they disappoint their families.

Leo Moons are dramatic.

Naturally inclined to the dramatic, Leo Moon is happy being the center of attention in just about any situation.

They love making people laugh, and when the conversation needs a boost, Leo Moon is only to happy to take over and "show everyone a good time."

They are social creatures who are happiest when they can show off their talents, and they love a rapt audience of friends, loved ones, and family members. Leo Moon is the person who arrives at the party or event with the best outfit on, always.

Leo Moons are creative.

One of the most creative signs there is, Leo Moon is never bored. This Moon sign allows the person to spend every day engaged in whatever takes their fancy.

They love to create, whether it is art, music, literature; they are naturally talented, sometimes overly talented, and as much as they love showing off, they also love creating worthy things to flaunt.

Leo Moon comes through with excellence in every department.

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Best Career for Leo Moon

Any kind of leadership position is a good one for Leo Moon, as they are very good at capturing the attention of many people at a time.

In a position of authority, such as a boss or manager, they excel and can make great careers out in management. They are easily vaulted to executive positions, where they continue to be loved and respected.

Being somewhat fearless, Leo Moons are great in public speaking and in public life, in general. You will find many politicians who are Leo Moons, as well as many influential figures of our time.

The charm that comes with Leo is effective, and all Leo Moons know just how to finesse a group of people to work towards a common goal.

Of course, Leo Moons are great in theatre and film; they have a natural sense of what an audience might want, and they are all too thrilled to deliver. The dramatic arts are incomparably attractive to the Leo Moon signs. They are also superior in teaching skills.

Leo Moon Love Compatibility

If you are a Leo Moon, you want loyalty and unrelenting monogamy and devotion.

There is no such thing as deviation from the pact; if you make a commitment to someone, you demand the same kind of unwavering loyalty in return. You are attracted to those who see life-long devotion as an asset and a desirable position to be in.

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In a romantic relationship, Leo Moons are not looking for game-players, though you are known to be a little too dramatic to not be a game-player yourself. You are a paradox; one day you let people think you are shy and supportive, and the next you roar and take down the house.

Once you mellow, however, you are as lovable as anyone

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