Where Is the Creepiest Place You’ve Ever Been?

by Anna

Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Debi Chestnut, author of How to Clear Your Home of Ghosts & Spirits, Is Your House Haunted?, and Stalking Shadows.
Moon over haunted field

The world around us is filled with creepy places and things. Basements; attics; old, abandoned buildings; and a multitude of other things (including objects such as dolls, clowns, and statues) can give a person a serious case of the creeps.

In my book, Stalking Shadows, I talk about all the creepy and interesting places I’ve been ghost hunting. But, the place that bothered me the most was a small cemetery that sits just outside the city limits of a small town in Southeastern Michigan.

Normally, cemeteries aren’t haunted and don’t really bother me; I tend to find them to be peaceful, serene places to go and gather my thoughts. However, this cemetery is different—it’s just plain creepy.

If you are very still and wait long enough, even during the day, you will see shadows of people peeking out from around the massive oak trees to stare at you. Day or night, you always feel as if a thousand eyes were upon you—watching your every move.

I personally seek out creepy places; I find them exciting and interesting. So, what creepy places have you been to lately? What made them so scary? How did you react to that?

Our thanks to Debi for her guest post! For more from Debi Chestnut, read her article “Things That Scare Us…And How to Get Over Them.”

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