Using Imagery for Manifestation

by Anna

Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Melissa Harris, author of the new 99 Keys to a Creative Life.

I hope this writing finds you in a state of peace and wanting for nothing. However, if there are areas of your life that you may feel are lacking, or where you may want to create change, consider employing imagery to help you move forward.

Being a painter, I’m naturally most inclined to experience the world visually. The thought of a brand new tube of paint or an empty canvas makes my heart beat faster! Color makes me happy, and my preference toward various colors changes. Have you noticed that you are attracted to a particular color for awhile and then you want a different color? For years everything around me, including my clothing, had to be purple—until it had to be green! I love allowing myself to gravitate toward the colors I love.

In the last couple of years I experienced a loss. I couldn’t stop focusing on my grief; I was feeling down so much of the time. This hovering sadness was zapping my energy. I selected an image from a card deck that I created that, to me, was an expression of empowerment. Every time my mind went to dwell on my loss, I picked up the card and felt the power of the image. I carried the card with me everywhere and whenever my mind drifted back, I looked at this painting of a powerful woman and shifted my focus to the present time. Gradually it became like the famous Pavlov’s dog, whereby whenever I saw the painting my mind went to a more positive place. I found that I was able to move quickly out of my depression soon after I made this a habit.

I also use particular images as reminders of what I wish to create. Making a vision board is a wonderful way to help us achieve our dreams. I just love making these. I use photos and I also let loose and paint on them. Glitter is allowed! On the New Year I often create a board for the year and include anything that illustrates how I want my life to look. I also have created specific boards, like one for manifesting relationship—which, I am delighted to say, worked out very nicely! I place these boards on the bookshelf at the base of my bed so that they are the first thing I see upon waking and the last thing I see before sleep.

It helps to experience the feelings you may have if you were to attain your dreams. When I look at these vision boards I get happy, and that helps accelerate my process of manifestation. You don’t have to be an artist to create your own board.

I hope that you can also find enjoyment while playing with some visuals. Why not march into Spring with your own personal empowerment imagery?

Our thanks to Melissa for her guest post! For more from Melissa Harris, read her article “5 Simple and Instant Creativity Boosts.”

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