Too Many Faeries?

by Barbara Moore

Earlier this month I wrote about multiple decks on single themes, specifically cat decks. Today it is fairy or faery or faerie themed decks.

I have heard some of my fellow tarot lovers remark on the number of any sort of themed decks. “How many fairy-themed decks do we need?” Or “How many cat decks are possible?” What do you think?

As a deck creator and as a tarot lover, I don’t think that any one deck can be the end-all-be-all exploration of any theme. Every artist and creator will present different ideas, both in images and in deck structure. In addition, people are drawn to tarot not just by themes but by art. If there are several decks exploring a theme, all with different artistic styles, then a person can use whichever appeals most to them.

Many themes appeal to deck creators: dragons, cats, fairies, magic, witchcraft, paganism, legends and myths and pantheons of all sorts, vampires, steampunk. These themes appeal to people for lots of reasons, but the common reason is that they resonate with us for some reason, be it religion, preference, or aesthetics. Creators are drawn to different themes because they are popular…and they are popular for a reason. They are striking a chord in the collective psyche. If they are striking a chord, then using the structure of tarot to explore them is a wonderful way to explore why a certain theme resonates.

Today I offer you the 10 of Pentacles from several faerie themed decks. I love the variety of artistic styles and the way the energy of this card is represented.



Tarot of the Celtic Faries



The Mystic Faerie Tarot



The Victorian Fairy Tarot

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