The Soul Needs Time

by Barbara Moore


Nancy Antenucci’s book Psychic Tarot is filled with great ways to enhance your connection to the cards and to spirit.

It is also filled with practical tips for each of the six steps or, as she says, principles of a reading.

For example in the chapter on Closure, Antenucci offers this gem:

“I suggest my clients refrain from making any decisions about the reading right away. Instead, they should let the dust settle over the next forty-eight hours, to see what new connection have been made.”

For me personally (and my clients as well), this is part of closure and a transition into integration (the final principle).

We are so used to thinking and also (although sometimes this one is more difficult) feeling. We journal. We think. We make plans. All very left brain work. We feel, identify, and process our emotions.

But there is another part, our soul, which we sometimes forget needs time. This is hard for so many of us (especially Americans) who assume we have to DO something or we are “wasting” time. The soul is working, processing, integrating in the deep, dark recesses of our inner selves. Because it is not conscious, our mind doesn’t usually know what’s going on. Because it is not connected with the chemicals that make up our body, our emotions don’t always register this vital work.


We are mind, body, heart, and soul. The soul is a strange thing and we don’t always understand its ways and needs. If there is anything I’ve learned over the past few years is that the soul needs time. It won’t be rushed.

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