The Essential Lenormand

by Barbara Moore


“You won’t find a better teacher than Rana George.”

~Mary K. Greer

Rana George is one of the premier practitioners and teachers of Lenormand in the US. Her long-anticipated book is now available.

Rana’s practical approach includes teaching the card meanings and building your skills step-by-step, including looking at the cards in pairs and groups, so that you can master the Grand Tableaux, a spread using all 36 cards that provides tons of practical information about your life. She peppers the book with personal anecdotes that help bring the cards into clear focus and shows how clearly they represent life events. She also includes contextual meanings so that your readings have laser-sharp focus. Whether you want to do a three-card reading for a quick, clear answer or a detailed Grand Tableaux, Rana walks you through, helping you build your confidence along the way.

Here is a story from Rana’s book about the Tree, card 5, which is associated with, among other things, health and longevity (or things taking time).

Rana writes:

The story took place at the end of the summer of 2011. I was out on the town with family, all primped with heels and all. While walking to the restaurant, my hell got stuck in a crack in the asphalt and my body went forward, resulting in a nice clean break across my toes.

After I got home from the ER, one of my boys pulled Rider + Scythe + Tree. Looking at me with wide eyes, he said, “Look, Mom. It says you broke your foot.” Gee thanks!

Rider (movement, feet) + Scythe (cut, break) + Tree (it is going to take time to grow back) = it took six months to heal and still is not back to normal.

Another reading I remember clearly was after I hurt my back cleaning my boy’s closet. I pulled Whip + Tree + Coffin–a chronic problem (Whip) that will keep me flat in bed (Coffin). I didn’t like that. I ended up in bed for three months.

I have a client in the corporate world. During his latest reading, the Tree card sprang up relating to a complicated organizational chart with managers and direct reports. He was experiencing some stress over it, trying to figure out whom to move and where. His dilemma showed up in the cards with Man + Cross + Tree + Bear + Garden. Man (my client), Cross (stressing over and struggling with), Tree (the organization chart), Bear (the managers), Garden (his team).


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