The Destiny Self

by Barbara Moore

We’ve all seen the exercises where we are encouraged to write a letter to our younger self. It’s a great way to highlight the wisdom we’ve gained and to remind ourselves that what we think is the end of the world now will not seem so horrible with distance. But we can also access our future self. In Psychic Tarot, Nancy Antenucci provides a great activity.


Connecting with your future self from Psychic Tarot

You will need paper, a pencil or pen, and perhaps some markers or crayons. Sit down with the supplies in front of you. Use whatever method works best for you to enter spirit space. Breathe to relax.

Imagine yourself on the last day of your life, an older version of yourself who has completely manifested this life’s destiny. Listen quietly as this future self appears. Ask this future self what you need to be on your path of authentic living or what may be needed to change your current direction.

For the next fifteen minutes, just scribble or color. Put on music, if it helps. Just let the insight flow through your hands. Be very free wit this time. Remain open to receive a response through a message or image.

At the end of the fifteen minutes, if you didn’t receive any ideas, images, or knowledge of some sort, go to whatever book you’re drawn to in the room you’re in. Open a page and point. The Sight words beautifully through synchronicity in the natural world.

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