Tarot Magic to Brighten Winter

by Barbara Moore

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Sasha Graham’s 365 Tarot Spells is like opening a magic box of wisdom that you can apply to your life. And bonus! You get to use your tarot cards.

This spell is for January 25, but you can use it anytime you need to chase away the blues.

Brighten Winter’s Doldrums Spell


Strength card

The Sun card

Yellow flowers

If you have a case of seasonal blues and spring feels too far away, perform this spell to lift your spirits.

The Strength card reflects the courage to bear any plaguing issue. The Sun card represents the full glory of summer energy.

Place yellow flowers in a vase of water. Inhale their scent deeply. Place them on the table before you.

Place the Strength card on the table below the vase. Enter the card. Hold the great, powerful lion by the mouth. Feel the bone and muscle beneath his fur, his hot breath in your hands, the moistness of his tongue. You are unafraid. Hold him like a kitten. You know how strong you are. Personal strength has brought you to this exact moment. You are strong, capable, and have the power to override any emotion that drags you down.

Lean the Sun card against the base of the vase. Focus on the radiant, life-giving sun. This yellow star holds the power of all life on earth. Should you require rejuvenation, look above. See it everywhere. It is expansive, all encompassing. The energy of the sun warms your body. Feel the heat on your face, on your hair. Life-giving energy—making flowers bloom, babies grown, and love possible—is around and inside you.

Take a single flower from your bouquet. Thank it for its git of beauty. Remove all the petals and place them in your palm.

Whisper the incantation and scatter the petals in the wind.


Sun of sun

Moonlight at night

I seek your warmth

I feel your light

Fill me with

Sustaining grace

And bring a smile

To my face.

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