Tarot Fundamentals

by Barbara Moore

The publishing industry has been changing for a long time now. Publishing can be a very slow behemoth, very conservative. So it was really refreshing and exciting to me to learn that our partner, Lo Scarabeo, is trying something very new. You may have heard that they are running a Kickstarter campaign. You can learn all about it HERE.

Crowdfunding this project makes sense on a few levels. First, the material is not written by one person. Many people contributed to make this work possible. So you will have a wide range of methods and opinions. It has been carefully edited and material added as needed to fill in the gaps and smooth out the various voices. Instead of a collection of pieces by different people, it will read more like a harmony or chorus of voices, still unique but working together to create a harmonious whole. Second, it is really challenging for a publisher to publish a very specialized work and even more difficult to do it as a lovely package, with color, illustrations, complex layout that supports the material. The audience for such a work is so small that it would be hard to sell enough to make it cost effective. By taking this leap of faith, by sharing with the greater tarot community their vision, Lo Scarabeo has established a level of trust and connection, so that their customers are also their co-creators.

The good news is that the project has met its basic funding and it is also only 2500 Euros from its top tier stretch goal.

The first stretch goal includes an extra 32 pages written by myself and an author who pretty everyone loves, Richard Webster. Here is the fun part, and part of what will keep this project in line with tarot in general: Richard and I haven’t written the pages yet, which means the material will be our freshest, newest material to date. And part of what Lo Scarabeo says in their campaign: “Tarot stays a living thing, forever evolving and growing, always new, but never forgetting the old.”

The second stretch goal, also already funded, means that everyone who has contributed at one of the levels that includes a copy of the book gets a specially designed bag (for a tarot deck or whatever else you’d like to keep in it).

The third stretch goal is already funded, too. This adds another 32 pages of material written by Marcus Katz & Tali Goodwin and by Lunaea Weatherstone.

There is still time to support this project and help create tarot publishing history. Contribute now and when the pledges reach 15,000 Euros, the volume will be printed in hardcover.

I am very excited about this project and would love to have it hardcover. I hope you consider supporting Tarot Fundatmentals. That link, again, is HERE.

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