Tarot for Spiritual Growth

by Anna

Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Melanie Marquis, author of A Witch’s World of Magick, The Witch’s Bag of Tricks, Witchy Mama, and the new Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot.

While many Pagans use the tarot for divination and spellwork, the tarot’s ability to further one’s spiritual growth is not nearly as often recognized or utilized. We typically read the cards in order to decipher unknown aspects of the mundane reality of the future, and when we cast tarot spells it’s often in the pursuit of an immediate, tangible, worldly goal. As Pagans, the concept of independent spiritual development is something a majority of us believe in, but how many of us actually use all the tools for spiritual growth that we have available to us? How many of us actually pursue spiritual growth actively, and on a daily basis? The tarot is an excellent tool for spiritual growth because not only does it provide valuable insights into what may be holding you back and what is needed to propel you forward, it’s also very convenient and quick—meaning you’re much more likely to use it even if you’ve had a busy day. Deep meditation and elaborate rituals have their benefits, certainly, but when you’re pressed for time, a few minutes with your tarot deck can help you stay on track spiritually so that you will continue to evolve into more than you are (as Carl Llewellyn Weschcke would often say), rather than stagnate in less than you can be.

Mix your cards into a loose pile as you think about your spiritual development. Ask the cards, “What is holding me back at this time?” and choose a card or a few cards, whichever ones seem to call to you. Think about what the card or cards represent, and contemplate the nature of this obstacle. Is this an obstacle you have placed in your own path unnecessarily, or is it an unavoidable challenge that must be faced? Next, ask the cards, “What can I do to grow spiritually? What does my spirit need to embrace right now?” Choose however many cards you like, and interpret them with positive action in mind. Do the cards indicate any specific steps can you take towards furthering your spiritual development? Is there a particular emotion or archetype represented that you need to take to heart? Remember the messages of the cards as you go through your day.

When we neglect our spirits, they fade. When we acknowledge and nourish our spirits, they shine. Let the tarot help you in this. With a deck of cards like the Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot and just a few minutes a day, you can give your spirit the attention and encouragement it needs to truly thrive.

Our thanks to Melanie for her guest post! For more from Melanie Marquis, read her article, “A Tarot Built for Magick: Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot.”

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