Relationships and Reincarnation

by Anna

Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Kerri Connor, author of Spells for Tough Times and the new Ostara, the first book in the new Llewellyn’s Sabbats Essentials series.

I recently learned my first husband just got engaged again. If this wedding happens, it will be his third. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. I’m currently in my third marriage as well, and this one has lasted fifteen years, while my marriage to husband #1 only lasted six months. But it did make me think about the possibilities of relationships (any type of relationship) through different incarnations.

The idea that we are able to reincarnate and continue on with our relationships in a different time and a different place, is appealing to me, for the most part.

There have been some relationships that I have felt ended way too soon, or didn’t get a chance to happen at all. My oldest brother died in a car accident before I was even born so I never got to know him, though I have heard about him my entire life. I’ve also heard I’m very much like him and that he watches over me. A few years ago, my best friend suddenly died of undiagnosed diabetes. She was only 35 years old when she passed, a life and a friendship cut way too short.

Other relationships ended on a not-so-great note. Some bitterly, some amicably, but either way, they ended and left an empty, hollow feeling. A feeling that said the relationship did not play out the way it should have. A part of me wishes there was some way to fix these relationships now, in this incarnation. Accepting that isn’t always a possibility has probably been one of the hardest aspects of life for me to deal with.

Saying goodbye isn’t easy. Even when a relationship ends badly, it just plain is not easy to say goodbye. We get anxious and feel shaky just thinking about it. In fact, relationships that end badly are often the hardest to let go of because we want to things to end on good terms, not bad ones. The fact that we can’t fix them and make things right only adds to the feeling of the relationship being incomplete.

I have had to accept that these relationships ended the way they did for a reason, and that perhaps someday in the future, my soul will have the opportunity to try again. I have to learn from these relationships, both what was right and what was wrong. Maybe in a different incarnation we can get things right; whether it’s a family relationship, friend, or lover, my heart desires for these relationships to be peaceful, loving, and happy.

Being able to explore these relationships again in a different life fills me with anticipation and excitement, and I know my soul will recognize these others that have meant so much to me.

Our thanks to Kerri for her guest post! For more from Kerri Connor, read her article “Brighten Your Ostara by Bringing Balance to Your Life.”

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