Protective Crystals in the Workplace

by Anna

Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Cassandra Eason, author of The Magick of Faeries, and the new Everyday Psychic Defense.

I have worked for the past forty years in workplaces that include schools, department stores, clinics, publishers, universities, television studios, and major New Age festivals. Defensive crystals have kept me calm and focused, even in the most pressurized, hostile, and over-competitive work environments.

If I know I will be in the public gaze, the following morning crystal ritual protects throughout the working day or week against workplace tension and stress as well as deliberate unpleasantness.

Choose one of the following deep-colored crystals to set on your desk or in your work space, bag, or pocket: black jet, black onyx, black obsidian, grey or brown semi-transparent smoky quartz, or black tourmaline.

Hold the crystal between your open, cupped hands before leaving for work. Blow softly three times on the crystal, saying after each breath,

“Be a shield for me
Against negativity,
Malice, and hostility.
Allow only harmony
To reach me,
So I ask that it shall be.”

Set the crystal in your work space and repeat the words in your mind whenever you feel vulnerable, touching the crystal at the same time if possible.

If you drive a lot in connection with your job, keep the crystal in a small bag or purse in the glove compartment of your vehicle.

Cleanse and re-empower the crystal at home weekly, by spiraling a sage or cedar incense stick over it counter-clockwise.

Additionally, the following crystals are especially useful in the workplace:

  • Deep green and red bloodstone protects against psychological bullying by individuals and organizations who seek to intimidate you, or if you are pressured to achieve unrealistic targets.
  • Yellow citrine deters cliques, factions, and workplace rivalries, cheating, dishonesty, and lies. It guards you against human snakes, ageism, religious or racial intolerance, spite, gossip and workplace envy, theft of ideas and credit for your work, or even someone trying to take your job.
  • A small clear crystal quartz sphere in your work space, especially if it is near natural light, absorbs negative or hyperactive energies and transforms them into a sense of well-being and purposeful calm.
  • Metallic, Shiny Grey Hematite protects you from those who emotionally drain you or who are constantly creating dramas. Called the lawyer’s stone, hematite is good for winning any industrial disputes, unfair dismissal or compensation claims.
  • Blue and gold flecked lapis lazuli or deep or rich blue crystals such as blue quartz, turquoise, blue sapphire, and sodalite repel ill-wishes and guard against the effects of an over-critical or lazy manager, favoritism, unfair rivalry, over-competitiveness and pressures to compromise on principles and standards to meet deadlines or official targets. Put one near the phone or computer if you deal with difficult phone calls or complaining e-mails.
  • Green and black malachite guards against the adverse effects of modern technology, cyber-hacking, and industrial sabotage. Have one at each of the four corners of your computer at home and one near any fax or copier close to your work space.
  • Orange carnelian protects you against accidents if you operate machinery or are involved in utilities, building, or construction industries. It also protects against sexism issues, especially hidden ones.
  • Four crystal points in a deep color (such as smoky quartz or deep purple amethyst) should be directed points outwards in the four corners of your desk or workbench to repel unfair criticism, interference, interruptions, and intrusion of your work space and privacy.

Our thanks to Cassandra for her guest post! For more from Cassandra Eason, read her article, “Personal Protection Against Cursed Objects.”

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