New Year’s Resolutions By Venus Sign

by Anna

Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Jessica Shepherd, author of The Love Alchemist’s Notebook and the new Venus Signs.

Many of us are familiar with our Sun sign. Astrologically, our Sun represents our ego, and much like central command guiding the starship through the galaxy, our Sun generally thinks it knows exactly what we want. Unfortunately, our able leader sometimes fails to consult the other celestial crew members for their opinions, needs, and desires. When we ignore Venus—Goddess of Laughter and Pleasure, Queen of our Secret Desires and Erotic Pleasures—our world loses its sensual and aesthetic luster. Food loses its flavor, laughter rings hollow. We no longer get a lift from the music, beauty, people, and ideas surrounding us. And without a properly nurtured Venus, our solar ambitions (and New Year’s goals) taste like sawdust.

That’s why, at this time of resolve, we might pay alms to Venus, for it’s Venus who makes our lives meaningfully rich. So, this year, evaluate your list of resolutions for the feelings of: connection, joy, peace, contentment, pleasure, beauty, harmony, and relaxation they will bring you. Here are some resolutions just for your Venus sign.

  • Venus in Aries: The fire-starter of the zodiac enjoys new everything, including new starts, faces, and places. “I want to experience excitement and newness everyday.”
  • Venus in Taurus: Earthy and sensual, this Venus de Milo can never get enough time connecting with animal and plant friends. “I want to feel more connected to nature.”
  • Venus in Gemini: Sociable and curious, the Twins take their pleasure in the company of stimulating minds and novel ideas. “I want to learn something new.”
  • Venus in Cancer: The moody moon maven delights in home, heart and hearth, and the soul healing a safe sanctuary allows. “This year I create a beautiful home I love.”
  • Venus in Leo: Dramatic and bold, the Artist and Lover of the Zodiac lives to put her personal signature on everything she does. “This is the year I make an impression.”
  • Venus in Virgo: The high-energy Virgin enjoys being productive, perfecting herself through craft, art, or cause. “This year I devote my energy to what brings me joy.”
  • Venus in Libra: Beauty is as beauty does for the Peacemaker who revels in harmonious partnerships. “This is the year I nurture my favorite connections.”
  • Venus in Scorpio: Deep and true, the Transformer renews herself through periodic reinvention. “By letting go of the past I open to new pleasures, looks, and loves.”
  • Venus in Sagittarius: The expansive Archer needs new experiences to feel connected and inspired. “I want to take adventures of mind, body and spirit.”
  • Venus in Capricorn: This self-sufficient, hardworking Venus benefits from scheduled playtime. “I give myself the solitude to work on my creative projects.”
  • Venus in Aquarius: Fitting in with the in-crowd just won’t work for this outrageous, authentic beauty. “This year I embrace my wildness and weirdness.”
  • Venus in Pisces: Periodic retreats help this fantasy loving Venus sign plug into infinite Spirit and discover heaven on Earth. “This year I create a spiritual practice.”

Our thanks to Jessica for her guest post! For more from Jessica Shepherd, read her article “Use Venus to Make New Year’s Resolutions That Stick.”

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