New Year’s Day Crystal Magic

by Anna

Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Sandra Kynes, author of The Herb Gardener’s Essential Guide, Crystal Magic, and the new 365 Days of Crystal Magic, among many others.

There is something special about the first day of a new year that makes our lives seem fresh and clear. It’s like coming to a path in the woods where no one has set foot before. Even though we cannot see the twists and turns that may lie ahead, the thought of stepping onto the path to start a new journey is full of promise.

Begin your year with a little crystal magic to foster positive energy for a boost towards your goals and to add a little spark of enchantment. A clear crystal is especially potent to use on this day.

The following is a list of clear crystals and some of their attributes:

  • Apophyllite: This stone is instrumental when seeking self-knowledge. It stimulates intuition and aids in trusting inner wisdom.
  • Calcite: Clear calcite was the “sunstone” of the Vikings who used it as a navigation aid. It is instrumental in manifesting what you seek.
  • Cerrusite: The grounding energy of this stone is especially helpful for transformation. Use it to initiate any type of change in your life.
  • Danburite: This stone stimulates the mind for psychic work and heightens sensitivity for channeling. It also aids spiritual growth.
  • Diamond: In addition to being a symbol of love, a diamond aids in cultivating trust and commitment. It also helps to meet challenges and overcome obstacles.
  • Goshenite Beryl: This crystal is effective in bringing clarity to situations and relationships. It also provides support to live up to one’s potential.
  • Herkimer Diamond: This type of quartz attracts luck and prosperity. Use it to invite happiness into your life.
  • Phenakite: This crystal is instrumental for working with spirit guides. Also use it for introspection when seeking self-knowledge.
  • Rock Quartz: This crystal is a powerhouse that amplifies and focuses energy. Use it to maintain stability when making changes in your life and when seeking wisdom.

Once you have chosen your crystal, light a candle on your altar, and with a soft gaze look at the flame through the crystal. Take a few minutes to visualize what you want to accomplish in the year ahead. If you don’t have a specific goal or plan, think of personal qualities you want to foster or changes want to initiate. Next, hold the crystal in front of you as you face each of the cardinal directions and say:

“As this year, we now start;
With a new course to chart.
May this crystal be my guide;
With good fortune by my side.”

Afterwards, place the crystal on your altar for a few days. This exercise isn’t limited to New Year’s Day. Adjust the words of the incantation and use it to mark any beginning such as the start of the school year, a birthday, handfasting, or any event that may mark a change in your life.

Our thanks to Sandra for her guest post! For more from Sandra Kynes, read her article “365 Days of Crystal Feng Shui for Your Home.”

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