Lost Souls

by Anna

Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Patrick Burke, co-author of the new Ghost Soldiers of Gettysburg.

As an expert on battlefield and historical haunting, I am mostly asked questions when doing a lecture or presentation specific to that genre. But once in a while, I get the surprise question that almost always leads me into a new direction of exploring my own Psi abilities and going off the beaten path of paranormal or spiritual world.

I was at a conference doing my presentation called, “History with a Twist” and, as is the norm, most of the questions were about the various photos and videos of apparitions or the EVP I captured at various battlefields and historic locations. One young lady raised her hand and asked me the following question: “Do you think the ghosts know they are dead, and, if they do, why are they still earthbound?”

“Excellent question,” I smiled and then I gave her my answer. The simple answer is yes and no. I have communicated with both spirits who had no idea they had died and others who knew they were dead, but feared to move on, mostly because they dreaded being judged on the fighting and killing they had done.

The young lady then had a follow up question: “Do you ever help them?”

Wow. That simple question 8 years ago got my attention…do I ever help them? My spirit guides perked up as I wrapped my head around this question. I answered truthfully; it never occurred to me that these spirits need my help in that way. I always strive to tell a little bit of their story through their eyes, history in motion. I did tell her that I would be looking into how I could start to help these Lost Souls to cross over.

As I continued to develop my Psi abilities, I discovered how to step into the Zero Point Field (ZPF) where all matter originates (or as my Lakota brother would say, Wakan, or the no-thing, the essence of all creation, the beginning and the end). Some may call it God’s presence, others according to their own spiritual belief. The act of stepping into the ZPF was electrifying to say the least!

I soon discovered that being in the zone enabled me to reach out to those spirits who desired to be whole again, to be a part of something that they had been missing, sometimes for hundreds of years! My first crossing over was with a ten-year-old slave girl. I was training two students in the basics of Psi communication when this young spirit approached me. As it turned out, she was hiding from the Confederate soldiers who raided her master’s house (the Union soldiers were occupying it at the time). I asked her if she would like to move onto God’s Grace; I often use terms that the spirit can understand to facilitate the crossing over. Surprisingly, she said she could not go as she was not a whole person. Suddenly, the room was full of the spirits of slaves all gathering around me, as I had just opened up a portal to help the little girl cross over. Amazingly she still believed what she had been told her entire life; most likely many of the spirits present felt the same way. I looked down at her—Lizzy was her name—and told her that in God’s eyes we are all his children…with a smile and wide eyes she called out, “Thank you!”

And suddenly her spirit and dozens of other spirits, Lost Souls, had been whisked away to God’s Grace.

In my recent book, Ghost Soldiers of Gettysburg, I share some of the cross-overs of the Ghost Soldiers I have done at Gettysburg. Since then, I have done hundreds of cross-overs. I have battled the malevolent energies that strive to keep these Lost Souls earthbound for their sadistic power. The working title of my next book is Lost Souls—the freeing of the earthbound spirits from hell.

Our thanks to Patrick for his guest post! For more from Patrick Burke, read his article “How to Capture Evidence of a Ghost.”

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