Intuition Development and the of Awakening Humanity

by Anna

Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Dr. Lesley Phillips, author of the new Intuition and Chakras.

Everyone has intuition. When you develop intuition and learn how to trust your gut, intuition answers your questions. Imagine what it would be like to tap into your intuition, and be assured of a response, whenever you wished—whether you have big picture questions about the environment, global economy, food supply, or healthcare, or personal questions such as knowing about your purpose, health, finances, relationships, and career. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to develop an energy practice that gave you access to your answers?

The good news is there are simple steps to developing your intuition. Your intuition is your innate birthright. You were born with intuition. Just as you have five senses to navigate physical reality, you can also develop intuition to sense non-physical reality. When you first chose this incarnation, you included unique psychic abilities so you might remain connected to your inner wisdom and be supported in your life purpose. Unfortunately, most people are so identified with the physical body that they have forgotten their intuition.

Intuition is how you communicate as Spirit. When you were born, you were still in touch with the spirit world. Then, as you oriented to physicality, as the adults explained how things work here, you turned away from your intuitive senses. The connection to your higher guidance dimmed. You left the infinite, eternal, oneness to join the Earth game of unconsciousness—a place where time, space, duality, and cause and effect rule—and you did it during a phase of massive transformation.

Our world is rapidly changing and developing into a more polarized state. Life is more challenging. Old systems are breaking down. Bad behavior is more transparent. Usual approaches no longer work. We need intuition, energy practices, and spiritual information now more than ever, to help people cope. We’ve been through cultural, industrial, sexual, technological, and digital revolutions. Now comes the “intuition revolution.” Humanity is being challenged to wake up, and learn to observe beyond the physical and remember our true nature.

In the past, intuition teachers, intuitive readers, healers, and lightworkers were punished for being different. Yet in today’s energy, they are best equipped to live and thrive. They have exercises, tips, solutions, and ways to help. They meditate, are intuitive, understand energy and have the ability to help recognize a changing world from a higher perspective. People are ready to listen and trust more than ever before, as their need is so great.

We are being challenged to move from unconsciousness to an awakened state. Each one feeling discomfort seeks a path way to get better. Meditation helps ease stress, tension, anxiety, negative thought, and many other disturbances. As we turn within, calm the emotions and quiet the mind, intuition starts to develop. There’s a small inner voice that provides answers. You see color vibrations. Your gift of clairvoyance is developed. Your angel comforts you. Your clairaudienceis listening. You are embodying your light. You’re awakening. You make conscious choices. Your life and understanding improve.

Our thanks to Lesley for her guest post! For more from Dr. Lesley Phillips, read her article, “10 Reasons to Develop Your Intuition.”

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