Halloween Costume Ideas for Each Sign of the Zodiac

by Anna

Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Kristy Robinett, author of several books, including It’s a Wonderful Afterlife, Tails from the Afterlife, and the new Born Under a Good Sign.

Halloween is the perfect time to embrace the strengths of your sun sign. Here are some fun costume suggestions to show off your astrological personality.

Young Girl in Halloween Costume

Aries: Aries are brave, loyal, and natural leaders, which means that a superhero costume is a fabulous choice for Halloween.

Taurus: Taurus loves all things decadent, including food, so dressing up as a chef or in another food-themed costume a five-star decision.

Gemini: Embrace the two sides of the twin Gemini by showcasing a costume such as Harley Quinn, the Joker, or the singer Sia.

Cancer: Motherly and wanting to make sure everyone else is having a fun time, Cancer would do best to embrace a comfortable costume, such as a cat or unicorn onesie pajamas.

Leo: The Leo loves to show off any way that they can. The costume, no matter how plain in description, should be bold, beautiful, and include a crown and extra sparkles.

Virgo: Always practical, the Virgo‘s costume should be simple and uncomplicated. Good choices include a nurse or doctor, a hippie, a police officer, or Waldo of Where’s Waldo? fame.

Libra: The Libra loves to be loved and to love. Libra’s best costume is anything dreamy, such as a sparkling fairy, a genie, or even a bride or groom.

Scorpio: Dark, sexy, and mysterious, the Scorpio’s Halloween costumes should embrace just those qualities. A vampire, a witch, or a rock star would be just perfect.

Sagittarius: Creative and social, the Sagittarius will look stunning as an archer or by donning Medieval garb (flower crown and/or sword required).

Capricorn: Budget-friendly Capricorns refuse to break the bank on a costume. They’re best to build a costume from a t-shirt and a set of ears and tail, or by going to the thrift store to find a something that can be used and re-used throughout the ensuing years—looking splendid every time.

Aquarius: Kindhearted, intelligent, and generous, Aquarians rarely want to draw attention to themselves, but Halloween is the exception. An Aquarian will love the elaborate special effects makeup of a zombie or Day of the Dead skeleton.

Pisces: Artsy and creative, the Pisces would look amazing embracing their water sign by becoming a sparkling and sexy mermaid/merman, Aquaman/Mera, or dressing up as Bob Ross, happy trees and all.

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Born Under a Good Sign, by Kristy Robinett

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