Going Natural

by Anna

Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Dorothy Guerra, author of The Yoga Birth Method.

What exactly is “natural,” anyway? With so much talk about green living, eco-friendly consciousness, and clean eating, we need to rethink the way we do absolutely everything to actually participate 100% in this new world way. Which brings me to my thoughts on Natural Birth. When a woman chooses to go “natural” in childbirth is she making a better choice for the world as a whole? In my opinion, the answer is YES! Dorothy Guerra

Here’s why: when a woman eliminates drugs during childbirth, she stays more present and allows the pain to manifest—allowing her to better participate in the birth and remain connected. She is participating in free choice when she decides against any unnecessary medical intervention. She is liberated and empowered when she is free to move around and facilitate her own birth experience. All those feelings of power, self-control, and freedom actually give hope to a new birth order, and every woman that shares her birth story enlightens another women to do the same.

Through this process women begin to take back their right to enjoy their bodies, engage in labor with their babies, and feel good about childbirth. They eliminate the fear of pain, the attachments to pain-reliving drugs, and the security blanket of medical births. Birth is beautiful, and women were meant to channel life energy through their bodies and feel good about it. Isn’t this the same as respecting a clean green earth?


Our thanks to Dorothy for her guest post! For more from Dorothy Guerra, read her article “Having a Natural Childbirth Requires a Plan.”

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