Everybody’s Different

by Barbara Moore

Adapted from Your Tarot Your Way

As we know, different people will feel differently in the same situation. That is, at a large party full of witty conversation and high energy, introverts will feel overwhelmed and extraverts will feel stimulated and happy.

One of the great skills in reading tarot is seeing how the energy of various cards works together to create a story. Court cards represent people, so we can learn more about court cards in general and gain practice reading energy interaction with this simple activity.

Separate your court cards from the rest of the deck. Shuffle the rest of the deck and lay them out as below…except leave the position of Card 1 – Significator empty.

Take your Court card pile and pick one card (randomly or select one that you are interested in) and place it in the Card 1 position.

Instead of trying to interpret the cards as a reading, look at the energy of the cards (using both your intuitive and analytical skills). How does that card feel in the situation? Then take that court card out and put another court card in its place. How does that change the feel of the reading? This is a great activity because it helps you practice reading cards in relation to each other and also recognizing that what might be a great situation for one person may be another person’s dread.




3          1/2       4




1: Significator.

2: The challenge in this situation.

3: The energy from the past that is affecting the present.

4: The energy in the future that can be put to use.

5: The root of the situation.

6: Your best hopes or goal in this situation.


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