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by Anna

Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Nathalie W. Herrman, author of Daily Enlightenments and the new Art of Good Habits.

Fear is a paralyzing proposition. It holds us fast, clinging to what’s familiar—even if we’re unhappy, in pain, or otherwise out-of-whack. We are afraid because we feel like victims of all that we cannot control, and in some way, we are.

And yet, there is plenty we can do, and plenty we can change, and plenty we can improve in our lives in order to feel great, to live with joy, and to experience rapture and blessings and love and success. Fear recedes with each empowering step that we take, and courage grows.

We can start small and experiment with reasonable risks. If we are afraid of people, we can say hello to a familiar cashier and ask about her day. If we are habitually angry at others, we can pause before yelling, and if we tend to overeat, we can slow down while we chew.

Our power comes from our ability to choose, and what we experience is the result of the choices we make. So fear is more of a fallacy than we realize. It tells us we are stuck when we are not. We have simply to make a different choice, and in so doing, empower ourselves. Self-empowerment breeds life-satisfaction, and stepping up to choose what we want gives us what we want.

We tend to over-complicate our circumstances to the point of distraction and distress. But, it’s simpler than we can possibly imagine to change what is not working and create the life we’ve always dreamed of. It starts with a decision. We breathe in and take our first tentative step; we breathe out and take another, and another. Our confidence grows. Our fear diminishes slightly. We begin to feel a bit of confidence and a sense of control, and we like the feeling. We step again.

Moving persistently in the direction of our desire in this, way we feel vital and alive. So let’s leave our fear by the wayside and believe in what’s possible, in all that we can do, and in all that we are. We are vast beyond measure and creative to the core. Even if we doubt ourselves, our ability is certain. It’s one step and then another: a decision, and a choice. We step away from what no longer serves us and step towards our joy. We can do it! It only takes a steady succession of simple steps to enliven and empower our lives.

Our thanks to Nathalie for her guest post! For more from Nathalie W. Herrman, read her article, “5 Steps to Achieve Any Goal.”

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