Earth Frequency: Why Are Sacred Sites So Powerful?

by Anna

Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Melissa Alvarez, author of Your Psychic Self, 365 Ways to Raise Your Frequency, Animal Frequency, Believe and Receive, The Simplicity of Cozy, and the new Earth Frequency.

There are locations all around the world that radiate a deeply potent, positive energy. I’m often asked what makes some sites more powerful than others. I believe there are several factors involved when answering this question. Let’s consider the following:

Earth Frequency: The Earth is a huge ball of active energy. At its core, there is magma that is constantly shifting and moving, heating the planet from the inside. In other layers, you’ll find enormous areas of rock plates that shift and move at a very slow speed. On the surface there are factors that affect the energy of the Earth in each location, such as waterfalls, volcanoes, mountains, caves, and the oceans. When the inner energy of the Earth outflows to the surface and creates these types of places, it can make the energy of the place even stronger. Other types of Earth energy are tidal energy, wind energy, sound energy, chemical energy, and nuclear energy. If any of these types of energy are more prevalent at a sacred site, then that increases its power.

Vortex Energy: The Earth also creates vortexes in many locations, which are very strong and can feel transformational to the people who encounter them. This energy at vortex sites can be projected outward from the Earth or drawn back into the Earth. Many sites are often built at areas of vortex energy because the people were drawn to the energy and considered it to be sacred.

Ley Lines: Many power places or sacred sites, both natural and man-made, are found on ley lines, which represent the invisible lines of energy that surround earth. Throughout history these lines have also been known as song lines, holy lines, fairy paths, dragon lines, and spirit lines. These ancient and sacred tracts are believed to form both a mystical and spiritual energy alignment between land formations throughout the world.

The History of the Place: Things that happen in a location leave an imprint on the place. The type of events that occurred will reflect the energy held there. Places where there were a lot of ancient sacrifices or wars may hold a darker energy than places that were used only for worship. That doesn’t mean the energy is bad, it is simply an imprint of the past, which may represent a lesson for someone in the present that comes into contact with the energy. In places where a volcano erupted the energy may feel explosive, frantic, and fast-moving, which may mean that you are going at full speed to much and need to slow down or that you’re not meeting your full potential and need to speed up to accomplish more. All energy teaches us something important on our path.

These factors are what make sacred sites feel so powerful. When you consider the energy that is naturally found at a site, the energy of the people who lived and worshiped there, and the energy it took to create the structures found in a power place, it’s easy to conclude that places containing several different factors will hold more powerful energy than a location that only contains only one factor. For instance, encountering a small area of vortex energy while taking a walk in nature can be a very powerful, uplifting, and transformative experience, but visiting places like the Great Pyramids of Giza, Mount Kailash, or Ayers Rock (Uluru) will have even more powerful energies associated with them due to the amount of Earth frequencies and vortex energies found there, the history of the place, and the imprint energy left by the people who called it home. This is why I believe some places feel stronger than others, although, any time you connect with Earth’s frequency, you’re in for a powerful experience.

Our thanks to Melissa for her guest post! For more from Melissa Alvarez, read her article “4 Ways to Connect with the Earth’s Frequency.”

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