Developing Psychic Skills

by Barbara Moore


Tarot Interactions by Deborah Lipp

Many people want to improve their psychic skills when reading the cards. Deborah Lipp provides an exercise that helps clear the way for your psychic voice to emerge.

Exercise: Speed Reading

  1. Do this exercise with a companion as your querent. If you must work alone, speak out loud, as if to a querent. You can record your voice for noting in your journal later.
  2.  Take a series of deep, calming breaths. Make sure you feel centered before you begin.
  3. Shuffle or mix your cards, and allow the process of shuffling to continue centering you.
  4. Lay down the first card and immediately begin speaking. Don’t let yourself pause for a breath. Say whatever comes to mind, whatever you remember about the card. Spend no more than ten to fifteen seconds on the card.
  5. Lay down he next card on top of, or next to, the first card. Remember, don’t stop to think, just keep talking.
  6. After you have laid down five to seven cards, put the deck down.
  7. Ask your querent what worked and what didn’t. Make notes in your journal.
  8. Repeat this exercise several times. Use it anytime you psychically clogged up to reconnect to a sense of spontaneity.

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