Counter-Initiation: The Dark Side of the Force

by Anna

Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Jean-Louis de Biasi, author of Secrets and Practices of the Freemasons, The Divine Arcana of the Aurum Solis, and the forthcoming Rediscover the Magick of the Gods and Goddesses. Jean-Louis is also Lifetime Grand Master of the Ordo Aurum Solis and Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross.

Jean-Louis de BiasiToday in the Western occult world, initiations can be defined as private (or secret) ceremonies that are performed in a sacred temple. These rituals can be purely symbolic, magical, or theurgic. The goals can be diverse, but most of the time the ritual officers try to illustrate moral principles or to create a deep reaction in the psyche of the candidate. This goal is increased with the use of magical laws and invocations.

When a theurgic perspective is involved, the previous goal constitutes the foundation of another purpose, the elevation of the soul of the initiate. When we are performing such theurgic initiations in the Aurum Solis, the ceremony is limited to one initiate at a time. The ritual Officers are working simultaneously on the visible and invisible level helping the soul of the candidate to ascend to the divine. This movement is, in the next weeks, associated with individual rituals in order to seal this movement of spiritual ascent.

It is clear that the purpose is to help someone who is eager to work on his soul. At this point you would think that every Initiatic Order is working according the same principles or with the same goal. Over the years, I had the same opinion but eventually I changed it. Today I must admit that these positive purposes are not universal; they are not shared by every organization. Sometimes the reason is just a lack of ritual understanding but it can be worse. Many times, I’ve seen groups and Orders practicing pretty good initiations from the symbolic point of view. However, nothing was accomplished consciously on the invisible level. In this case, the new initiate rapidly loses the benefit of the ceremony and his desire decreases instead of increasing.

This consequence can be seen merely as a side effect of a magical incompetence and a bad organization of the curriculum. However, there are several other situations in which I choose to use the expression of “counter-initiation.” The main manifestations of the latter are the “inflation of the ego,” the “distraction of the mind,” the “assimilation of the dogmas,” and the “reduction in liberties.”

In fact, it doesn’t matter if such organizations or groups are doing this on purpose. If you are interested by the Initiatic Path, you have to be aware of these obstacles.

The first one, the “inflation of the ego,” can be transmitted as a real disease. You can be infected by imitation of “initiates” who love to swagger in their gleaming ritual apparel. The number of degrees, the medals, distinctions, applauses, and titles are all situations in which the ego is flattered. It is essential to keep in mind that initiations are spiritual steps that demonstrate an inner development, nothing more.

The second one, the “distraction of the mind,” is a consequence of focusing the mind of the new initiate on subjects without any importance in regard to his spiritual development. That can be achieved by asking you to learn useless things. This is very common. Keep in mind that everything you learn must be useful in regard to your inner work.

The third one, the “assimilation of dogmas,” is a consequence of the absence of the critical mind. A good way to teach consists of improving curiosity. The student will learn to question everything with a positive and open mind. The counter-initiation is of course opposed to this sane attitude.

The fourth one, the “reduction of liberties,” is a consequence of a twisted philosophy taught as an absolute certainty. Teachings that offend common sense or develop intolerant and racist behaviors are part of that. Threats, even symbolic, during the initiation are part of that, too. Keep in mind that can be done very discreetly.

Of course the counter-initiation is not limited to these main manifestations. I am always worried about organizations that deliberately hijack a sincere aspiration to the divine.

The answer is simple and in two parts: 1) Check the fruits of the tree; remember that we know the latter from its fruits, and 2) Check the presence of the four main manifestations I highlighted in this blog.

Then go ahead and keep your own critical mind and common sense! These parts of you must be honored.

Our thanks to Jean-Louis for his guest post! Visit Jean-Louis de Biasi’s author page for more information, including articles and his books.

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