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by Anna

As many of you are aware, we are the exclusive North American distributor of Tarot decks from Italian publisher Lo Scarabeo—we could not be more proud to carry their beautiful decks!

And now, we’ve received word that Lo Scarabeo has launched a Kickstarter campaign to support their new trio of Tarot Books, beginning with Tarot Fundamentals.

Tarot Fundamentals will be one of the most complete books ever published about Tarot. (The second and third books, Tarot Experience and Tarot Compendium, respectively, will be released in 2016 pending the success of the first volume.)

Tarot Fundamentals

Edited and compiled by Sasha Graham, with content by Giordano Berti, Barbara Moore, Mark McElroy, Riccardo Minetti, Marcus Katz, and Tali Goodwin, Tarot Fundamentals contains over 550 pages with all the information needed to approach the magical world of Tarot in all its facets, together with interesting and exclusive material for intermediate and advanced readers. The book is going to be the outcome of what the Tarot community wants; the more money raised, the better the book will be!

Want to be a part of this fabulous Tarot project? Check out the main Kickstarter page of the project for more info, videos, a sample chapter, and pictures—as well as what YOU get for your contribution!

Progetto Capitolo Campione.indd

2/3/15 UPDATE: Thank you for your support!

Copertina finale.indd

Unbelievable! The campaign met its basic funding goal in only one day! But that doesn’t mean it’s over! Do you want the book to feature an extra 32 pages with additional content by Barbara Moore and Richard Webster? That’s the next stretch goal!

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