At Omega with Rachel Pollack

by Barbara Moore

This summer, the Omega Institute offered a Masters of Tarot weekend workshop featuring me, Theresa Reed, Sasha Graham, Mary Greer, and Rachel Pollack. One of the signs of a good teacher is that they are always investigating and exploring. Even if you’ve had classes with them before or read their books, they always have something new to offer…or perhaps a new approach to an old favorite topic. It was a wonderful weekend for both us teachers and for the students.

Rachel is well-known for her books Tarot Wisdom and The New Tarot Handbook. She continued her investigation into using tarot for what she calls wisdom readings and also blended in a new idea: instead of asking big wisdom questions about the world, ask big, wisdom questions about who you are as a reader.

Rachel’s reading style is a little different than most in that she doesn’t always lay all the cards out in a spread and read them in relation to each other but rather asks a question and pulls a card to answer the question.

Of course I cannot reproduce Rachel’s workshop here, but I can share some ideas that might inspire you to create some of your own practices or techniques. I would also encourage you to lay all the cards out in a spread so that you can see any interesting relationships that are present between the cards. I find that always helps integrate a reading and provides much more clarity and nuance.

1. What is your superpower as a tarot reader?

2. How can you make the most of your superpower?

3. What is your weakness?

4. How can you use your superpower to combat your weakness?

You can change “weakness” to anything you want to change, such as fear, limitation, stagnation, etc. And don’t feel limited to one superpower. The word “superpower” is used metaphorically and we all have many strengths and abilities that can serve us in surprising ways.

Learn more about wisdom readings in Rachel Pollack’s Tarot Wisdom.

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