Art of Tarot 5

by Barbara Moore

In this series, we are taking the time to smell the roses, which for tarot lovers often means taking the time to really appreciate a single image of tarot art.

 Today we look at the 4 of Wands from the Tarot of the Hidden Realm by Julia Jeffrey. You can see more images HERE.
In this deck, Julia explored the interaction of the energy of numbers with the elemental energies of the suits. Here, the stability of the 4 really helps the energy of fire come together in a way to create something really special. Fire is a very volatile energy and if supported through a good structure, it really shines. I love the idea of the four musicians all paying attention to each other and deftly responding to each other’s music. Also, the 4 of Wands often represents a temporary structure or activity (like a picnic or a canopy raised for a party) and music, once played, is gone…temporary. It’s a reminder to be present to energy the gift of the 4 of Wands. This is appropriate for me today as when this posts, I will be on vacation with my family. I will remember to enjoy those precious moments.

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