Art of Tarot 4

by Barbara Moore

In this series, we are taking the time to smell the roses, which for tarot lovers often means taking the time to really appreciate a single image of tarot art.

 Today we look at the 3 of Skulls from the Tarot of Vampyres by Ian Daniels. You can see more HERE.
It is no doubt because I am a spinner that I love this card. With the skull and spider web, it makes me think not only of the importance of honing your craft, of always trying to be better, but also of the ultimate impermanence of our lives and how maybe we can live on through our work. And so, what will be our legacy? Seems like it is worth working at and making it the best that you can. Also, with spinning, like tarot, you have to learn the craft of it but to be really good, you have to train your muscles to do the work while letting your mind let go so that the magic and beauty of the universe can flow through you. It is a delicate balance but after you’ve experienced it, everything else seems clunky and uninspired.

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