Are You a Magical Natural? – 11 Signs That You Have Inherent Magical Abilities

by Anna

Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Tess Whitehurst, author of Magical Housekeeping, The Good Energy Book, The Art of Bliss, Magical Fashionista, The Magic of Flowers, and the new Holistic Energy Magic and the forthcoming Magic of Flowers Oracle.

Something funny about being born with magical abilities is that you often don’t know it—or at least don’t fully realize the extent of it—because you assume that everyone else is having the exact same experience you are. It’s a natural assumption, because it’s all you’ve ever known! If you’re an empath, you think everyone else can feel other people’s feelings. If you’re an animal communicator, you think everyone else can tell what her dog is thinking. If you’re a master manifester, you think everyone else can visualize something and watch it miraculously appear within a matter of hours or weeks. Consequently, you may imagine that you’ve got to practice harder in order to develop your magical abilities, while it actually may be more important for you to realize and embrace the abilities that you already have. Then, once you do that, you can wield them consciously and learn to express them in even more wonderful ways. With this in mind, here are 11 signs that your magical abilities are perhaps more potent than you previously thought.

Please keep in mind that everyone’s magical abilities are different, so these need not all be true for you. Even one or two will indicate strong magical proclivities.

  1. You love magical and metaphysical book and supply stores. Clearly, you sense the energy and power of things like incense, crystals, candles, spiritual writings, and crystal singing bowls. Otherwise, you wouldn’t find anything of interest at these stores.
  2. You notice recurring patterns. Does it seem like almost every time you look at the clock, you see 11:11? Or 4:44? Or 12:34? Or maybe you go through times when—almost every day—you see a single hawk circling high in the sky, or dream about being able to breathe under water. These are messages from the spirit world coming through. As a medicine man or woman, you’re a bridge between the worlds of spirit and matter, and you’re being called to interpret and heed the messages you receive.
  3. You think about someone, and then they contact you. As a magical person, you are especially tuned into the interconnection between all people, places, and thoughts. So someone crosses your mind while you’re in the shower, and you get out and find that they just called you. Or you start wondering about that question you emailed to your friend, and then you check your email, and there’s your answer.
  4. You are an intuitive cook. Maybe you start with a recipe or maybe you don’t, but either way you frequently end up with a dish or a meal that no one has ever prepared before. And it’s (often) awesome! This is a physical mirror of your spiritual ability of sensing exactly what is needed energetically in order to bring about the reality you desire.
  5. You can sense what a cat is about to do. Have you ever met a neighborhood cat while out for a walk and known absolutely, without a doubt in your mind, how to approach in order not to frighten him away? Have you thought to yourself, for example, If I take one more step, he’s going to dash, but if I squat down and look at my fingernails like I don’t really care, he’s going to approach…And then you were right? Yeah, you were tuning into that cat’s consciousness. And yeah, not everyone can do that.
  6. You somehow know the tone of voice to use to get any wild animal to look at you and pay attention. Have you ever seen an owl or a deer and said, “Hi buddy!” or “Hey you,” in a certain tone of voice and had her calmly look right at you? Like you could just think about your intention to connect and then you could somehow connect? Again: not something everyone can do. Humans speaking to wild animals=not usually successful. They usually err on the side of caution and flee.
  7. You are really picky about color. You might like every color in the rainbow, but only certain very specific shades seem to nourish you at any given time. Color is energy, so this points to your ability to sense nuances of energy, and to know how that energy interacts with everything else.
  8. You can tell when someone’s lying. You just know. How do you know? You don’t know…Until now, that is: it’s because you’re magical. You’re awake to subtleties that fall under the radars of many people.
  9. You perceive plants as having personalities. And now you might be thinking, Wait, not everyone perceives plants as having personalities? No, my friend, they do not. Crazy, right?
  10. You crave the feeling of walking barefoot on grass. For you, it’s not just a warm weather amusement, it’s (sometimes) an actual necessity. This is because a part of your magic is your attunement with the Earth. Walking barefoot or sitting on the earth is literally a communion with your Divine Mother and a way of receiving her unconditional love, healing, and support.
  11. You prefer hiking or walking in nature quietly, even when with a partner or group. You may even have decided you don’t like walking in nature with others, because their idle chitchat irritates you. And talking on your phone? Never! It misses the whole point of listening to the wind and birds, and feeling at one with with the nurturing presence of the natural world. Mother Nature is just so alive and sacred to you, you see no reason to listen to anything but her.

So, what did you discover? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Our thanks to Tess for her guest post! For more from Tess Whitehurst, read her article “Visualization for People Who Have Trouble Visualizing.”

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