Affirmations for Witch Power

by Anna

Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Devin Hunter, author of The Witch’s Book of Power, Witch’s Book of Spirits, and the new Witch’s Book of Mysteries.

For years I was one of those witches who scoffed at the idea of adding affirmations to my practice. The idea of training the mind made sense, but I always felt ridiculous looking at myself in the mirror and reciting a litany of positive sentences. “I am capable of doing the thing!” “I am the master of the thing!” “Life loves me and so does the thing!” The worst, of course, were group affirmations where there would be a room full of us all droning on about how we were going to be the “co-creators of our own lives.” None of this was helpful, and none of it spoke to me. So, like all self-respecting witches, I moved on to other things that made me feel more comfortable.

A few years back I ran into a problem. I was sabotaging myself and my magic. I got to the part in every spell where you say, “so must it be,” and then I wasn’t letting it be. I would either worry about my capability to achieve the desired results or would think of a thousand possible things that could keep them from manifesting. My spells had become more like wishes, and before long the magically empowered life I had built for myself started to fade under the light of self-doubt. I had always thought of myself as confident, but in the subtle places within my mind I was being torn apart by fear and scrutiny. Little things, the everyday stuff everyone worries about, started to take control of my every thought and I had begun to seriously doubt myself.

Desperate for direction, I reached back into the toolbox and rediscovered the life-changing power of affirmations. So much of what we face as witches comes down to confidence and belief, and both of these things are seated in the mind. When they are there and are healthy, we thrive as magical beings, but when they aren’t there or are unhealthy, we have nothing but resistance. Affirmations don’t just help to retrain the mind and our thought-patterns, but it helps to build new pathways for energy to flow. Since energy follows the path of least resistance, affirmations give you the control to build these pathways on your own terms. Two days of performing affirmations and I had a whole new outlook, two weeks and I had a whole new sense of purpose, two months and life became something I was instead of something that happening to me, and two years later I feel like an entirely different person.

I love what affirmations taught me, but I needed to find a set that would speak to my work as a witch and help me to confront some of the issues I face as a witch that were getting in the way of my magic. Born from all that work came this recorded affirmation exercise that I developed for my students. If you’re like me and overlooked affirmations in the past because they felt silly, try this set for a few days and see where it takes you.

Our thanks to Devin for his guest post! For more from Devin Hunter, read his article, “6 Ways to Build Bridges to the Spirit World.”

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