A Study of the Fool’s Journey 9

by Barbara Moore

To see an overview of the journey, start HERE.

Today we look at the final challenge…the Moon. The Moon is a tricky card, full of unknowns. In this case, it is about how to travel your path when all around you is dark and uncertain. In some ways it is easier than you’d thing…but also more challenging, as it does require faith, faith in your personal spiritual compass.

The Moon reflects light, so it is not surprising that the two flanking cards are about light. Instead of shaping the problem, they hold the answer. The Star, which represents guidance, can be thought of as your personal North Star, the thing outside of yourself by which you navigate. I see this as the external Divine.

The Sun, which in this situation, represents yourself, your own inner light by which you are able to see. Maybe just the next step, but on a journey sometimes that’s all you need to see.

The two lights, internal and external, form lines that intersect and resonate, helping you to know what is true even if you are blind to reality or some of the facts are hidden. As long as you follow these, you will be okay.

The hard part is that your compass may have shifted some during the Devil/Tower experience and so you are not used to it and haven’t built up your faith. But don’t worry. You will. In time, anyhow. You can/will stay in each row long enough to work out the details.

After you do, then you move on to the finish line, which we will talk about next time.

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