A Study of the Fool’s Journey 5

by Barbara Moore

For an overview of and foundation for this series, see HERE

The second row shows the questioning of everything learned in the first row and the inward search for self. Modern psychology really comes into play here, as we confront the illusions of ego, defensiveness, and rigid habits of the past.

The first two cards, describing the basic issue of this row, are Strength and the Hermit.

Like the High Priestess and the Magician, these cards represent opposite sides. Strength is about self-mastery, self-control, knowing when to rein yourself in. The Hermit is about living your own truth. Both deal with inner searching as well. With Strength, we examine and heal our shadows, integrating even the parts of us we despise or are ashamed of. With the Hermit, we examine all that we’ve learned, keeping what is true for us and letting go of what no longer serves.

So the basic issue is when to act out and when to hold back, but even more, what to keep and what to let go of.

Next time, we look at the challenge or test of this row, Justice, and its flanking cards, the Wheel of Fortune and the Hanged Man.

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