A Spread for Guidance

by Barbara Moore

This spread, called Titania’s Dream, is from the Victorian Fairies Tarot companion book by Lunaea Weatherstone (art by Gary Lippincott). It was created for this deck and thus pulls inspiration from the theme. However, most spreads can be used with any deck.

It is inspired, as well, from a passage from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. While we are quite past midsummer, many of us feel the urge to start new projects in the fall, so this spread may prove quite timely.

Using the Victorian language of flowers, this spread weaves an illuminating dream to help you clarify the next steps on your path. The meanings of the flowers are shown in parentheses.

Mix your deck and lay out seven cards as shown.


1. Wild thyme (“activity”): What action will bring you delight?

2. Oxlips (“pensiveness”): What needs more meditation and thought?

3. Violet (“faithfulness”): What requires your devotion?

4. Woodbine (“loving friendship”): Who supports your dream?

5. Musk rose (“capricious beauty”): What is not as it seems?

6. Eglantine (“poetry”): What requires expression?

7. Titania’s dream: Where will your dream take you?


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