A Special Christmas Day Spread

by Barbara Moore


From 365 Tarot Spreads by Sasha Graham

Opening a Gift Spread

This spread is an unexpected present for you. Unwrap to discover what the magic of the holiday season has in store for you all through the year.

Take a moment to thank the tarot and honor yourself for all the soul-searching, divining, hard work, and effort you put forth this year. Make a solid promise to enjoy your day, relax, and be thankful for the goodness in your life.

Shuffle your deck. When satisfied, remove the top five cards without looking at them. Place the remaining deck in front of you. Build a house of cards—or, in this case, “wrapping” around your gift—by creating a five-card house around the deck.

When ready, begin to remove the “wrapping” of your deck, one card at a time. Contemplate each card as you remove and find the message within it. When you have removed all five cards, the deck remains in front of you.

The top card is your big gift. Turn it over to receive the gift tarot bestows upon you for the next year. This is your special card, containing a meaning just for you.


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