A Dice Oracle Reading for the Coming Month

by Anna

Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Stephen Ball, author of the new ELEMENTAL DIVINATION.

Many readers today use cards such as the tarot for divination, but dice oracles also have a long and rich history worldwide. We have records of dice being used for foretelling at some of the most important sites in ancient Greece, all the way through to medieval times and the present day. Elemental Divination.

Here is a dice oracle reading for advice on how we should approach the next month. It uses the oracle published as Elemental Divination: A Dice Oracle, which gives readers a system bringing together the magical correspondences of Air, Fire, Water, Earth, the Sun, and Moon into a full system of divination.

Lesser Earth over Fire: “Wood for the Fire Pit.”

This is actually one of the most comforting and supportive readings. The Fire here is of a medium strength, and Earth is coming into the situation in small, useful amounts as wood. Fire can be dangerous when it rages out of control, but it is also a great help to us—it cooks food and heats the house, provides light in the darkness, and makes our home welcoming in the evening. That is what we see here.

The magical correspondences of the elements give us even more aspects to this reading. Fire brings great energy and movement, determination to make changes, and passionate beliefs. Earth gives security, providing heavy rock and resilient protection, as well as a grounding influence on the emotions to settle disagreements. It even adds to home life with nourishment gained from food, fresh green plants, and good shelter.

In the combination we have here, Earth has come in but has not replaced the existing Fire (because it is only of Lesser strength). If the elements or amounts were different, then the meanings would change completely: Earth could have brought enough weight of soil or rock to put out the Fire, or the Fire could be blazing and unstoppable. That doesn’t happen here, though, which gives us the clue to the bigger meaning for the coming month. The message is, “if we feed our basic needs then our Fire will not go out.”

There are many challenges facing us this year, but if we look after ourselves with food, sleep, and a solid foundation, then this will fuel our Fire to be brighter, even when there is a storm outside. Earth’s heavy inertia won’t be enough to slow us down, and Fire’s bright optimism will push us ahead us into new adventures! Take the time to look after your basic needs, and you will be able to surge forward to pursue the goals about which you feel most strongly.

Our thanks to Stephen for his guest post! For more from Stephen Ball, read his article, “What Exactly Is a Dice Oracle?

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