3 Ways to Enhance Tarot Readings with Reiki

by Anna

Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Melissa Tipton, author of the new Living Reiki.

Reiki is a great way to activate your psychic awareness and connect more deeply with your tarot cards. Use these techniques to get acquainted with a new deck or to supercharge your connection with well-loved cards.

Communicating With Your Cards
When it comes to connecting with your tarot deck, Reiki is a lot like that social maven at parties whose witty introductions turn strangers into fast friends. Reiki enhances your ability to speak the language of the cards, leading to clearer insights and, if you’re reading for someone else, a more dynamic exchange with the querent.

Take a few minutes to breathe deeply, calming your mind and finding greater presence in the here and now. Holding your deck in both hands, close your eyes and envision your crown chakra unfolding like a many petaled flower. Feel a current of Reiki entering your crown, flowing into your body, down your arms and into your hands, streaming from your palm chakras into the cards. Ask Reiki to open a channel of communication between you and your cards, and breathe here for a few minutes.

Feel the spirit of the cards awaken and respond, and invite it to share any messages it has at this time. You might ask your cards for tips on how best to use them for readings, and don’t be surprised if you get different answers from different decks! Even if you don’t receive any direct messages now, trust that you have opened the door to a deeper connection that will serve you well in future readings.

Meditating With Your Cards
Each tarot card is like a universe unto itself, with layers of insight waiting to be revealed, and one potent inroad to these mysteries is meditation. Choose a card on which to focus, and come fully into the present, opening your crown to Reiki, as described above. Gaze softly at the card, allowing the images to pervade your awareness. Close your eyes when this process feels complete.

Using Reiki like paint on a canvas, create the image of a doorway in your mind’s eye. If you use Reiki symbols, you might trace one on the door. Set the intention that this door will take you into the tarot card, giving you access to hidden meanings; open the door and step into the scene. Take in the details, noticing how the scene is like and different from the card image. Create a light source, such as a lantern or flashlight, from Reiki, and shine it on any aspects of the scene that you wish to know more about. Explore; ask questions. When the process feels complete, exit through the same door, and let its image fade from your mind’s eye as you return to normal consciousness. Journal any insights that arose.

Sensing Your Cards
Establish the crown chakra flow of Reiki as outlined above, drawing Reiki into your hands and feeling its energy pulsing in your palm chakras. Ask Reiki to guide you to the cards that are correct and good for this reading, and tune into the sensations in your hands. Do certain cards “jump out” as you shuffle? If you splay the cards out and pass your hand slowly over them, do certain cards feel hotter, tingly, or otherwise more energetic? Use Reiki to help you sense the subtle cues from your cards to enhance your readings.

Learn more ways of using Reiki to enhance your intuitive abilities and create a life you love in my book, Living Reiki: Heal Yourself and Transform Your Life.

Our thanks to Melissa for her guest post! For more from Melissa Tipton, read her article, “4 Ways to Practice Dark Moon Magick with Reiki.”

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