Astrology by Lisa Stardust


This week urges us to change  the way we temper our emotions. Take a deep breath, exhale, and let matters simmer down before they reach a boiling point. Mercury moves into Virgo on August 11, which will add earthiness, practicality and reason to communication.On Aug 11, Venus, who’s in Virgo, harmonizes with Pluto, who’s in Capricorn. This cosmic connection will bring out a lot of our deep-seated feelings and relationships and give us a boost of passion. Mars, who’s in Virgo, shares a fraught aspect with the Nodes of Destiny on August 11. Conflicting ways of taking action and moving forward will create inner tension, urging us to stay put with our decisions for the next week. August 15’s First Quarter Moon in Scorpio brings inner growth to us. Mercury squares off with the Nodes of Destiny on August 15, making it challenging to express our sentiments to others concisely. Venus enters Libra on August 16, adding harmony and banakance to partnerships. 


You’re known to be rambunctious at times. This week’s cosmic energy juxtaposes your usual defensive attitude and urges you to take a step back from your assertive nature. Observing situations from the sidelines brings a different perspective in how you handle matters. This will help you find peace and resolve.


Passions will flair up throughout the week, which is why it’s best to rest your horns and enjoy the colorful, sensual, and fun energy coming your way. The overall vibe will give you the opportunity to enthusiastically charge forward into the future, as long as you live in the moment.


There is a lot of tension brewing beneath the surface of your beautiful mind. Your personal life is super stressful, which is why you will be giving work the majority of your energy. The distraction will be rewarding at first, but leave you starving for attention and affection later on.


As so many changes are occurring in your world and with your identity, it’s important to find solace where possible. Meditation can help a lot with these big transitions, as you’re happiest when alone with yourself and thoughts. Take time to provide space for processing, healing, and care this week.


Issues with others come to the forefront this week, forcing you out of your comfort zone and into protective mode. Instead of roaring your sentiments at others, take a step back and decide if arguing is the best solution. Letting go of squabbles will lead you down a better path. 


Fed up with the humdrum aspects of life, you crave excitement this week! Mundane daily routines have left your inner self wanting joy and fun. Fortunately for you, it’s arrived! Instead of keeping a set schedule, let yourself be impulsive and act on a whim. It will set you free. 


Family issues or problems with your peers come to a head, making you broker peace between familial members to solve conflicts. A negotiator by nature, it’s time to use your talents to bring others together. This week you’re called upon to help mend fences between people in your immediate sphere. 


Finally, you can get off the emotional roller coaster, which you have been riding on for a long time. This will give you time to focus on healing and transforming your life. You’ll be able to move towards the dream and vision you want, once you refresh your personal world.


You will be a little lost in the shuffle this week. Fortunately, your voice is always heard, even if you feel overlooked. Try to stay focused on the positives. Don’t get sidetracked by the past or fearful of the future. Surrendering to negativity will make you feel uninspired and stuck. 


Working to the bone, without enjoying the fruits of your labor, has given you the desire to revel in earthy pleasures this week. Take time to revel in fun and give yourself TLC. Add self-care to your routine with R & R. After all, dear sea goat, you’ve earned it! 


Are you equating your self-worth with  the amount of validation you’re attaining? Applause and nice comments on your creative abilities will help bring you out of your funk. But, true admiration comes from within. The only opinion that counts is yours. Don’t be your biggest critic. Give yourself lots of love.


The wheels of life are spinning for you. Instead of trying to keep your head above water, dive deep and swim with the waves, for you are a Pisces after all. Take things as they come. You have a remarkable ability to shape shift and conform with the overall energy.