Astrology by Lisa Stardust


The First Quarter Moon in Virgo occurs on June 17th. The Sun enters Cancer the same day as the Summer Solstice, making June 20th a day of reverie and splendor. Jupiter retrograde commences in Pisces on June 20th, giving us a chance to address the philosophical and moral differences we have with others. Venus, who’s in Cancer, aspects Neptune, who’s in Pisces on June 21st, making financial and romantic dreams a reality. Mercury ends its retrograde in Gemini on June 22nd, clearing up miscommunications that have occurred over the past few weeks. The retroshade shadow period ends on July 7th, which means we have a few more bumps in the road in the upcoming weeks. Prepare yourselves properly! 


Understanding the patterns in your life will help you change the way you relate and connect with others. Taking a step back to reflect will do you some good this week, as you will feel as though you can evolve your world. It will take time, but you’ll get there.


What are your goals? If you’ve been wavering on attaining different things then it’s time for you to step up your passions and note them on paper. Make a wish to the universe and you will receive all that you desire — plus more than you ever thought was possible. 


Work is at the forefront of your mind, making it hard to concentrate on anything else. The caveat to working hard and the reason things aren’t flowing is that you need to take a step back from all of your professional endeavors and focus on yourself. Do you this week.


There are many indiscretions permeating your orb, which are revealing more secrets than you ever thought possible. The tea that is spilling may not even be yours but you will be held accountable and responsible by your peers. Be careful with what you reveal to keep your life in check.


Your competitive nature is holding you back from seeing the bigger scope of situations and relationships. Winning isn’t everything. In fact, your desire for success is holding you back from attaining and achieving the things you want. Stop leading with your ego. Collaborate with others to make your dreams happen.


Your career is thriving, which is creating anxiety within your mind. Imposter syndrome is a real thing — but, you are not faking it as you have real talent and purpose. Stop holding yourself back from entertaining and enjoying the fruits of your labor by negative internal chatter. Believe in yourself.


Stop trying to control the outcome of situations and relationships. Once you relinquish the need to dictate everything, you’ll begin to see a shift in how you relate to others and handle matters. This will help you evolve into being a better person, if you allow yourself time to grow.


Your life is changing and has changed in so many ways over the past few weeks. Now that you see and feel the difference, you’re realizing that you can never go back to the way things once were. Ebb and flow through the transformative energies and live in the now.


The moment has come for you to disconnect and relax. Spend time with yourself to get reacquainted with yourself this week. Rather than looking outwards, check your internal energy to help guide you through these times. You will be grateful that you took a leap of faith and chose yourself. 


Kind words can heal relationships this week. It’s never too late to apologize, even if you weren’t right in the past. Owning your part in a bad situation and taking the first steps to make amends with others will help to change the dynamic between you both for the better.


Instead of making excuses for yourself, start being accountable for your actions. Don’t put blame onto others. The moment you begin to be real with yourself, it’ll help you understand your feelings. Assuming responsibility for the things you have done will allow you to comprehend the consequences of your actions.


You’re living in a dreamworld, which means that fantasies and unrealities are taking flight. Your dreamy nature is hindering you from finding your footing in the real and material world. Getting grounded will take some work, but the more you connect to the earth the better you’ll begin to feel.