Witchtips & Horoscopes 6/12-6/18

by Hoodwitch

Written By: Lisa Stardust


This week has enough cosmic action to make our heads spin. We start off this week with action planet Mars, who is currently crawling in sensitive Cancer, it links up with the North Node of Destiny on June 12th, pushing us to express ourselves—no matter the consequences. The 13th brings a healing energy to the passionate words from the 12th, as Venus, who is in chatty Gemini, and the asteroid Chiron, who is in fiery Aries, whisper sweet words to each other, with the intention of mending battle wounds. Mars is very active on the 14th. First, Mars softy connects with Neptune, who is in illusive Pisces. When Mars and Neptune come together, it creates confusion, which leads to inaction. This sentiment may prove to be the catalyst for the Mars and Saturn retrograde showdown later in the day. Saturn, who is moving backwards in Capricorn, is strong willed and a dominant force. Mars in Cancer leads by emotions. The opposition between these two on the 14th will create arguments that will shift relationships. The 15th offers rational refuge to the events that unfolded on the 12th, as Mercury, who is treading lightly in the Cancerian waters, aligns with the North Node of Destiny, which will serve as an aftermath discussion to the 12th. Mercury and Neptune share a butterfly kiss on the 16th, before opposing Saturn retrograde, making us feel lost in emotion. Later in the day, on the 16th, we have the second Jupiter and Neptune square of the year. The first square occurred January 13th and the third square will occur September 21st. This time, Jupiter is retrograde in Sagittarius, giving us the chance to rethink our spiritual pursuits and suffer for our sins. On the contrary, we may feel fanatical and fanciful from the rapturous waves of Neptune. The Sagittarius Full Moon occurs on the 17th, giving us the chance and certitude to see the light and truth in all matters. Neptune’s enigmatic waves crash on to Saturn retrograde the 18th, allowing us to contribute towards implementing change within ourselves and on a global level. 

Mercury and Mars also unite on the 18th, giving us the determination to put our money where our mouth is and move forward with our dreams—as long as we don’t let anything stand in our way. 

There are many changes happening this week, which is why it’s important to stay grounded. The Earth keeps on spinning as we are transforming. Be kind to yourself and others this week. We all will need compassion and love.


March 21-April 19

This week you may feel extra anxious, as you are dealing with major frustrations within your professional and personal sphere. Learning to find balance between both worlds may be challenging, as you will feel as though you are being pulled in two different directions. Rather than pushing down frustrations within, try to manage your anxiety. Allow yourself time to yourself away from work and friends to restore your energy. Meditate and clear your space. This will enable you to purify the mind. Then you will be able to unwind and enjoy the restorative and healing energy of the Full Moon. 


April 20-May 20

As an admirer of sweet sentiments, you revel in perfumed words. This often makes it hard for you to assert your emotions with others, particularly those you hold dear. Expressing your truth may be hard, as you are worried about shifting dynamics with others and hate to rock the boat. The saving grace to this week’s cosmic energy is that you may find your fears are a product of your imagination and that the only person holding you back this whole time was you. Allow yourself to evolve and the walls built around your heart to crumble. Let love in. 


May 21-June 20

Lately, you’ve been feeling as if your intuition has been off. While you often use your rational mind to sort out issues with others and affairs of the heart, you are beginning to question your own feelings. This is mostly due to the unmasking of deceptions from others. You are seeing situations and people with a whole new set of eyes, as the truth comes out into the light from the darkness. Learning to face the facts of the matter may be hard this week, but you will be smarter and wiser than before knowing for certain who you can trust. 


June 21-July 22

Gaslighting from others has caused you to question reality. While you may  not quite understand the manipulation tactics being thrown your way from others, it’s important to never underestimate yourself. Acknowledging that your feelings are valid and important is the first step to fighting off this negative energy. Use your watchful third eye to avoid confrontation and trust your gut. Don’t argue…just crawl away. Let your intuition guide you. Never let their toxicity affect your confidence. Remember, they are trying to control you. If you consciously detach from the situation or partnership, you will feel free and courageous. 


July 23-August 22

Your desire for attention and validation has set off a string of events with friends that are hard to gain control of now. A lie you told (or may have been told to you) to avoid arguments will resurface, allowing the final chapter to be written regarding these situations. Don’t fear the end of your friendships, Leo. No one is leaving you. Everybody needs to own their part and apologize in order to move forward. Lines were blurred in the past. In the future, it’s important to set clear boundaries with friends to ensure the same problems don’t arise again. 


August 23-Sept. 22

It’s been a long and winding road to finding love. Now that your heart is soaring, other parts of your life are not reaching their highest potential. This week brings much chaos to your seemingly quiet life. The first of which is conflicts between your friends and lover—with you caught in the middle. The second issue of the week, is tension between professional and personal goals coming to a head. Taking time to clear your head and meditate will allow you to center yourself. Then, you will feel more in control of your life and able to make proper decisions. 


Sept. 23-Oct. 22

You may feel as though you are settling in your personal and professional life. The reason being is that you are ready to take your life to the next level and evolve. You’re blossoming into the person or your dreams and are desiring change. Try to get clear on your emotions and goals in order to decide which part of life to dedicate more energy to, which will help you manifest your dreams faster and allow growth. Be honest with your intentions in order to reap amazing benefits from the universe. Only then will you be successful during the Full Moon.


Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Often times you know exactly what buttons to push in order to prove your point with others. This tactic may have worked wonders in the past and allowed you to get the response you wanted. This week, you are karmically on the flip side and on the receiving end. While you may feel annoyed at first, you will choose to laugh off the frustrating conversations later on. Your strong will serves as a powerful force, blocking negativity from others. Taking the high road may prove challenging, but you are determined to not give in and surrender to the emotional folly of others. 


Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Confusion runs deep this week, as you are unsure of how to move forward in the professional sphere of your life. Your values and goals are changing—even forcing you to evolve your spirituality. Taking a momentary pause to decide how to proceed in your professional endeavors will only help you gain insight on how to move forward. Placing road opener herbs such as lemongrass and basil at your desk may allow you to gain clarity on your career path. When knowing  the direction you are headed in, you will be able to make progress in other areas of your life. 


Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Standing your ground with others may lead to arguments this week. The issue being that you were setting boundaries and expressing your upsets within relationships. While this may lead to passive aggressive communications, you are implementing structure and limits within partnerships—which others may have an issue with. Understand that they are mirroring your past behavior and will learn to respect your boundaries with time. Don’t let yourself get involved with parasitic emotional dramatics. If you feel as though you are the one creating tensions, give yourself a time out to cool down. Owning your part will help mend fences swiftly. 


Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Imagine a moment in time when you are free from all of your fears. While this may have previously seemed like a million years away from reality, it’s finally beginning to happen. This week, you are letting go of the emotional baggage and pain you have been carrying within. You can revel under the tender Full Moon knowing that all the frustrations you’ve been carrying around are no longer an issue. You’re evolving and growing into the person of your desires, filling your loving cup with confidence and kindness. It’s taken a long time for you to get here—enjoy it!


Feb. 19-March 20

While you often shy away from confrontation, you do like to stir the pot. Just be careful not to insert yourself too much into the ongoings of others, as it may backfire on you. The reason you’re invested in others is that you desperately want your friends to get along. While you may have good intentions at heart, keep in mind that words get twisted and have the ability to transform into the opposite of what was intended. Put the spoon away and take a step back from the cauldron. Use your divine inner witchy wisdom to help your friends—don’t meddle.