Witchtips & Horoscopes ~ 3/13-3/19

by Hoodwitch

Astrology by Lisa Stardust


This week allows us all to soul search and understand our motives on a deeper level. Our core beliefs are shifting on the 13th, as the fertile Pisces Sun and transformative Pluto softly connect, motivating us all to comprehend our subconscious emotions and desires. Expansive Jupiter, who is fired up in philosophical Sagittarius, squares off with the watery Pisces Sun on the 13th, making us all feel overly confident and certain of our actions. The following day, the cosmos shed inspiring words on us all under First Quarter Moon in Gemini. The First Quarter Moon will bring up past insecurities and uncertainties, as the planetary ruler of the Moon is Mercury, who is swimming backwards in Pisces. The silver lining to this luminary, is that it aims to bring old dreams to the forefront of our mind, allowing us to be inspired once again by past creative visions. The Sun and Mercury both connect in tender Pisces on the 14th (Mercury  aspects the Nodes of Destiny on the 14th and the Sun aspects the Nodes of Destiny on the 15th), which is the most fruitful day for invention and clarity during the current retrograde period. The 14th is the key date for us all to connect to our higher selves and inner wisdom. Action planet Mars, who is walking through the sign of Taurus, and pragmatic Saturn, who is roaming in hard working Capricorn, link up on the 14th, grounding our insights into reality. Mercury, who is moving in retrograde motion, shares a tense connection with Jupiter on the 15th, opening our minds and hearts. The 16th grants us a deeper understanding of past events and relationships, when Mercury retrograde and Pluto share revelations, followed by Mars taking movement around implementing desires into action.

Fasten your seat belts, it’s a wonderful week for change!


March 21-April 19

Emotions may prove to be confusing all week. You are wearing your heart on your sleeve, allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Your heightened sensitivities may prove to challenging, as you often act tough when in emotional turmoil. Learning to process your emotions and express your truest sentiments will prove challenging under Thursday’s First Quarter Moon. However, Friday gives you the power to share your feelings, even if it publicly brings tears to your eyes. Try to get out of your head this week. Don’t be shy in telling those in your social sphere and family how you feel. Embracing and sharing your sentiments will allow you to live your most authentic life. Only then will you be at ease. Start a feelings journal this week to help navigate and understand your emotions on a deeper level.


April 20-May 20

It’s been a long road toward success, Taurus. But, you are finally at the top of your game and profession. With work at a high, you are drawn to reconnect with old peers and friends this week, to network and celebrate your triumphs. While reconnecting, you may be the victim of professional jealousy. Rather than allow yourself to get knocked down a peg under the First Quarter Moon, take back your power. Psychic protection is important this week, to help preserve your energy from those who do not have your best interest at heart. Carrying an amethyst crystal with you, or wearing an amethyst necklace will protect your energy from psychic vampires. As long as you safeguard your spirit, you will feel free and light to take on more creative ventures on the 15th and and 17th.


May 21-June 21

You are known as the Mercurial master who can see when others are being less than sincere and credulous with their intentions. This week you are able to see the truth of the matter, which may cause you to do some soul searching. The First Quarter Moon sets off a chain of events which will make you feel as if you are living through an existential conflict of sorts. Truths will be exposed on the 16th, sending you into an emotional journey inward on the 17th. Your foundation may crack, as your beliefs are now shifting. While the air may be filled with chaos, try to relax. It will be hard to let go of such anxieties. However, you are headed toward change. You are in the midst of rejuvenating your spirit. With transformation comes growing pains.


June 22-July 22

Life has been moving at a fast place for the past several weeks. Now, it’s finally time to slow down and reconnect with yourself. The First Quarter Moon, which occurs on March 14th, grants you the rare opportunity to unwind. Take a Himalayan salt bath under the First Quarter Moon to melt away stresses and to strengthen your psyche. With your auric field cleansed, you will be able to take on any challenges that come your way. The 15th will allow you to take a higher minded stance on life, forcing you to close the door on those who cause negativity on the 16th. The 17th elevates your positive mindset, reinforcing your confidence and spiritual beliefs. Give yourself a lot of love this week. After all, you deserve it.


July 23-August 22

Your professional life is currently in flux, mostly due to your recent spiritual awakening. Last week, you experienced an intense shift, forcing you to align your professional dreams with your spiritual goals. This week, you will try to put your new objectives into motion. The First Quarter Moon may make you feel a tad stuck in the mud and in need of professional guidance. You be inspired to give up on the 15th. Try to assert your dreams into reality once more on the 16th and 17th. You may be pleased with the results. Sunday gives you the push you need to attain success. Don’t give up on yourself this week, Leo. Use your fiery “can do” energy to implement tasks and manifest your dreams. As long as you believe in yourself, others will too.


August 23-Sept. 22

Known for your realistic and analytical approach to life, recently you have been lost in a fantasy world of your own creation. Not being able to see all circumstances with a clear perspective may cause inner anxieties to persist all week. With your sensitivities high during Thursday’s First Quarter Moon, be prepared to escape into a fantasy, rather than reality—especially when it comes to all of your personal relationships. The 15th causes illusions to surface, which may allow you to feel lost in the rapture of relationships, forcing you to take the focus off yourself and give your all to others. With your blinders on, situations may prove to be less than ideal by the 16th. Use the 17th to reflect and meditate, with the aim of reconnecting with your core beliefs.


Sept. 23-Oct. 22

You are experiencing the great cosmic shift this week, Libra. Under the First Quarter Moon, you are called upon to lighten your load. Structures are changing and your life is maturing. Like the Tower Tarot Card, you may feel as though you are falling upside down. While your world may feel like it’s ending, take refuge in the fact that this is a temporary situation. Personal structures (that have been set in place for a long time), are changing. You are purging out that which is not serving you anymore. Cleansing your life will be challenging, but essential for personal evolution. Your cosmic homework this week is to get rid of the clutter in your life. Throw out possessions that you do not use. Getting rid of the old will help you make way for the new.


Oct. 23-Nov. 21

Thinking of building an empire? Who better than you, Scorpio, to create a powerhouse from possibilities. The First Quarter Moon allows you to reassess and reimagine past visions, giving you the opportunity to map out your aspirations. The 15th and 16th provoke you to take steps in repurposing goals, which may result in you investing time, energy, and money into such endeavors. An impending creative partnership may come to fruition on the 17th, instigating your artistic pursuits do take flight. You’re initiating your future this week, as you take back your power and authority. No one is a better strategizer than you. And, no one has as much passion and drive  as you to manifest their dreams. You know you are the best. Now, own your power!


Nov. 22-Dec. 21

As the First Quarter Moon sheds its  light on the relationship sector of your chart, you are called upon by the universe to redefine all partnerships and boundaries in your life. While you have given freely in the past, this week allows you to take back some of that energy and reinvest it on yourself. Your heart and bank account may feel overextended and exhausted. Therefore, it’s crucial to take control of how much time you give others. Allowing yourself time to heal and rest is important. Self-care is essential to your well being. Generous by nature, your kind hearted spirit often forces you to give your energy and money to those in need. Help yourself first this week. You cannot help those in need, unless you take care of your needs. Although it may be hard, try to be  selfish with your time and set boundaries this week.


Dec. 22-Jan. 19

The frustrations of mundane life have caused you to have sleepless nights and restless days. With your energy on a constant roller coaster, it’s paramount to mediate (even for five minutes) under the First Quarter Moon. Letting go of your stresses will allow you to learn to live in the moment. Not worrying about the past or the future will allow you to zen out all weekend, heightening your senses, creativity, and mindfulness. Living in the now will ease your anxieties and even give you a new lease on life. You will also learn to be at peace within yourself and the universe, embracing nature and transformation at the same time. For those sleepless nights, place a dream catcher above your bed for protection and hematite near your bed to clear your mind of mental chatter, with the aim of aiding in rest.


Jan. 20-February 18

Use your airy sentiments to evaluate about the friendships and relationships in your life on the First Quarter Moon. Some people have proven to be golden, while others have not. Honor those who make you feel good about yourself.  Cut the cord on others who fall short of your expectations. In order to bring in people who aim to elevate your best interests, a cord cutting ceremony must commence immediately. Ridding yourself of negative energy on the 15th will help bring you to a deeper sense of self and purpose, as your auric field will be filled with loving vibes. Your life will feel more harmonious on the 17th, due to your positive mindset and energy. With your confidence now at a high, you will feel as though there is nothing you can’t achieve.


Feb.10-March 20

Balancing professional and personal obligations will cause you to feel as if you are on uneasy footing. The First Quarter Moon may provoke personal upsets to reign. Rather than feeling blue and unsettled, connect to your ancestors. Calling upon your guides on the 15th will allow you to feel better about yourself. Talk to your ancestors on the 16th and 17th. Let them soothe your fears, by inspiring your heart with wisdom and strength. Not only will you feel complete by weeks end, but you will feel ready to take on problems head on. Revamp your ancestral altar this week and bring the spirits gifts (their favorite flowers, water, and treats). Call upon them for advice and listen to their suggestions. They will offer you divine wisdom, with certainty and hopefulness for the future.