Astrology by Lisa Stardust


The Sun and Neptune connect in Pisces on the 10th. Three days later, on March 13th, the New Moon in Pieces occurs. In the evening, Venus and Neptune link up in Pisces. Then, Mercury enters Pisces on March 15th. March 16th brings a soft aspect between the Sun and Pluto, who’s in Capricorn. All of this watery energy may make it hard to keep our heads above water. Be gentle and kind to others, including yourself. Trust your emotions and gut feelings. They’ll help you swim forward and find resolve this week. 


Your empathetic sentiments are blossoming this week, making you feel as though you can fully relate to others on a deep level. The caveat is that you are giving them too much of your own energy and not setting strict boundaries. Creating limits will help you create structure and balance.


Your goals and hopes are changing at the moment, urging you to embrace your new vision. Allow yourself the opportunity to have a fresh start around all of your upcoming projects and pending endeavors. This may be the seasonal reboot that you need to revamp your plans for the future.


The moment has come to step up your professional game. The only issue is that you may not be ready to take your career to the next level. Don’t let your personal deep seated  fear of success hold you back from becoming the star that you are meant to be.


You’re experiencing a spiritual awakening of sorts, which is allowing you to change your perspective of matters. It’ll encourage you to take risks and make shifts in ways that will benefit your life for the better. Be open to the messages the universe is sending you to make the change.


Do you feel as though your ears are burning? If you do, then your intuition is correct. While people may not be talking about you per say, you’re on their minds and in their thoughts. Reach out to them to test the energy and see what they want from you.


This is a great week to understand your significant other, friends, or the incentives that you want to create in relationships. Your sentiments are running deep, allowing you to connect and feel your feelings on an intense level. Move towards what makes you happy and healthy for your tender heart.


It’s ok to be lost in a daydream, as long as you tend to your personal day to day endeavors. Find comfort in these beautiful visions of the future. If you can keep up with all tasks and goals at hand, then you can have the best of both worlds.


With your creativity at an all time high, you’re wanting to use your artistic visions in your projects. Your romantic sentiments are running hot and coming alive. Use them in your artistic ventures to bring your passions to life and to make your dreams a reality in the physical world.


Your world is transforming, making it hard for you to find your footing. Therefore, it’s time for you to assess your views. You may decide that your old ways of thinking aren’t in sync with your new views. Ebb and flow in moving towards growth and change in your life.


There is a lot of drama circulating in your orb. Disengaging from all of this will be hard, but you have to in order to find your own personal happiness. Once you walk away from the toxicity in your life, you’ll be able to create a positive environment for yourself.


You’re not connecting with the material world at the moment. Instead of focusing on money, wealth, and possessions you are giving all of your energy towards the inner sanctuary that you’ve created for yourself. Tend to the secret garden you’ve created within yourself to make sure that your life flourishes.


You are confused as to how to move forward in your personal life. Before you take leaps in the wrong direction, meditate on your visions. What feels right to you? When you wrap your head around your sentimental desires  and lead with your heart, you’ll be able to tackle anything.