Illustrations by Darina Muravjeva

Illustrations by Darina Muravjeva

Astrology by Lisa Stardust


Although this week has its emotional ups and downs, we will be able to gently move through the cosmos and bring abundance into our lives. We just have to be easy on ourselves and others to ensure success in all matters. Mercury, who’s retrograde in Aquarius, and Mars, who’s in Taurus, square off on February 10th, hours after Mercury links up with the Nodes of Destiny. There will be high stakes drama in the morning, which will temporarily put a damper in plans. The New Moon in Aquarius on February 11th is pushing us to leave the past behind and start a new journey in life. Venus and Jupiter connect in Aquarius on February 11th, urging us to risk it all for love, prosperity, and happiness. Mercury retrograde and Venus connect in Aquarius on February 13th, Later in the day, Mars and Neptune, who’s in Pisces, gently touch in the cosmos. February 13th is an exciting day for romance. The caveat is that we won’t know how to move forward until the 15th. Valentine’s Day brings a conjunction between Mercury retrograde and Jupiter in Aquarius. Our hearts will expand and grow as a result. The following day, Venus harmonizes with the Nodes of Destiny, cementing the direction of relationships that’s been established over the weekend.


Payback can be sweet, as long as you’re getting double the energy that you have given to others. Connect with old friends and let go of past drama. You will see that they want to make amends for their behavior and give their all to improving the relationship with you.


Never one to let tasks fall to the sidelines, you are finding that it’s essential for you to boss up by taking control of tasks that have piled up due to Mercury’s moonwalk. Before you proceed, it’s important that you do not overextend your energy and push yourself too hard.


Taking the high road isn’t proving to be the most rewarding path. However, you will stay true to your convictions no matter what happens. No matter how you act, you are getting accused of things that you’re not involved in. Move away from the negative vibes and honor your integrity.


Instead of creating an emotional barricade with others, it’s time for you to step out of your cocoon and be real with your sentiments. Directly asserting your feelings with those you care about will bring clarity of matters and even closure. The question is: Are you ready to get deep?


The drama in all relationships is hitting a high, making you feel as though you have to find a different way of connecting with others. It is never too late to change and work on matters. Making partnerships work takes effort. Give them your all to ensure that they last.


You’re on a vision quest to bring security and comfort into your life. The issue is that you may not be able to harness this vibe. The energy of the people that you’re surrounding yourself with is rubbing off on you, disabling you from achieving such goals. Protect your energy.


For the first time in a long time, you are wanting to make long term plans and think about your future. The caveat is that you are experiencing a one track mindset that may not align with the views of your peers, as they are solely living in the “now.”


Your eyes are opening and allowing you to see matters from a different perspective. Instead of holding onto former ideology and beliefs, you are expanding your mind and perceptions of situations. This will allow you to step outside of yourself and have a clearer understanding of relationships, ventures, and endeavors.


Creating boundaries with yourself and others will allow your relationships to flourish. Instead of always having to be in the know and demanding the same in return, try to only focus your energies on yourself. Once you stop caring so hard about what everyone else is doing, you’ll feel better.


It’s time to assess the way you are being treated by others. If you aren’t being given kindness from those you care about, then you should take stock of the relationship. Standing up for yourself will allow you to rebuild your confidence and gain control over these matters with others.


There is a lot of energy circulating around you, making you want to take action in all areas of your life. The caveat is that you may feel as though one leap forward is followed by a huge step backwards. Don’t stress the lack of movement. It will  happen soon.


There will always be a million reasons why you can and will doubt your abilities to succeed in life. But, you have to move past your personal insecurities in order to attain your goals. Once you believe in yourself, then anything will seem possible and doable. The sky’s the limit.