artwork by Nick Verstand

artwork by Nick Verstand

Astrology by : Lisa Stardust


This week, the stars are extremely busy. From retrogrades starting and ending to the Last Quarter Moon forcing us to move toward emotional security and Venus pumping up affairs of the heart—we will all be cosmically tasked to own our truth and emotions—no matter the cost.

Breaking down walls and restrictions set upon us will be the core focus of April 10th, when the Aries Sun and authoritative Saturn, who is in Capricorn, square off. Mercury, who is still swimming in the Piscean seas, gets a soft push from metamorphic Pluto, who galvanizing the sign of Capricorn, to unleash our innermost passions and secrets. Venus and Neptune link up in tender Pisces, encouraging our hearts and artistic desires to take a leap of faith into the unknown. Jupiter, who is currently fired up in optimistic Sagittarius, starts its retrograde journey (until August 11th), adding hope, spirit, and higher minded philosophical pursuits to our lives. Jupiter retrograde is unlike the other planetary backspins. This transit is filled with positivity. It’s also a wonderful time to augment ideals and beliefs. With all this cosmic action kicking off the week, IS it any wonder that the astronomical discovery of the Black Hole was announced on the 10th?


April 12th’s First Quarter Moon in Cancer urges us to move towards emotional transformation, acting as the catalyst for self-care and growth. The Sun and the Nodes of Destiny collide on the 12th, pushing our will to make fated decisions. Mercury and Jupiter retrograde butt heads, making us see the bigger picture of life, rather than the minimal details. Venus and Saturn discuss the work needed to commit, and decide if “the juice is worth the squeeze” on April 12th.


The following day, the Sun and Pluto clash in the cosmos, encouraging us to let go of the past and rebuild our lives better for the future. The 13th may sting, as Lord of the Underworld Pluto brings power struggles and love triangles front and center in order to attain reconstruction in our lives. Venus connects with the Nodes of Fate, deciding how to proceed after Pluto exposes truths.


April 14th is a calming day, as the Sun and Jupiter retrograde softly aspect each other, inspiring us to move toward love. Venus and Pluto surf the cosmic shore together, allowing us to rebuild relationships, projects, and our bank accounts after its coastal flooding earlier in the week.


Venus and Jupiter retrograde join forces on April 15th to preach fanatical sentiments on honesty in love, financial dealings, artistic endeavors, and idealistic pursuits—which may make us feel inspired to achieve greatness.


All this celestial activity will make our heads spin. This week’s mantra rings true everyday, “Change is easy, growth is hard”…and none of it comes easy.




March 21-April 19


This week brings the chance for you to change your position on a long standing matter. The caveat, is that while you are feeling empowered by your transformation, you may feel stuck and unable to implement your dreams into reality. Breaking down outdated beliefs and negative thinking within yourself will allow you to achieve your goals. Learning to slow down and take small steps to achieving and attaining your goals will help you get to the finish line faster than anticipated, as unforeseen issues may arise. A road opener spell will help you diminish obstacles and clear the path for your endeavors. Take an orange candle anointed with abre camino, along with cayenne pepper for fast removal of blockages. By week’s end, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.




April 20-May 20


It’s been a long and winding road to personal and professional success. But, this week you are feeding a different part of your spirit, the “hungry ghost.” Keeping your inner demons at bay is part of evolution, so is acknowledging the secret parts of your psyche. Honoring and balancing your desires (the good, the bad, the ugly, and hedonistic) will only help you grow into the soulful person of your dreams. Not only will your mind and heart sore, but your past trauma will heal. Helping yourself to much needed spiritual development will mend karma, connect you with your ancestors, and align your chi. The “hungry ghost” within is looking for a place to live. Use that  energy in your passions to manifest your inner visions, rather than affecting your heart’s will with harm.




May 21-June 20


You’ve been longing for a definitive support system, a place to feel free to be yourself. While you may have met people and situations aimed to safety guard your emotions, you have discovered the flaws with both. Knowing who and what will support you endlessly will be a tough essential lesson at the beginning of the week. However, by week’s end, you will be more cognizant of those who do not have your best interests at heart. The cosmic lesson to be learned is to be your own support system. Friends, family, and colleagues will always have a tender place in your heart, but reconciling the relationship with yourself will minimize the harsh aftershocks and effects of emotional letdowns caused by others. Love is always loving you, because of the relationship you have with yourself.




June 21-July 22


Love doesn’t come easy! Unfortunately, no one knows this better than you. Recent shake-ups, breakups, and breakdowns within interpersonal relationships have shifted your mindset. You’ve learned that dancing your way into other people’s hearts is too much effort, whereas winning over one’s affections shouldn’t be hard. This week, you are welcoming a new personal perspective—one that will revolutionize your world. The following three steps you will take to transform yourself will help elevate your heart and mind. Taking accountability over past actions, acknowledging the lesson from a high minded place, and embracing your own personal journey will be the building blocks of your metamorphosis. Remember, every finger you point at someone else, two point back at you. While hindsight is 20/20, you are learning that you are responsible for your actions and decisions.




July 23-August 22


Your innate desire for success in all aspects of life has left you extra competitive recently. Situations and relationships may not be working in the way you wish, mostly due to your need to puppeteer the outcome in all matters. Controlling interpersonal relationships and professional aspirations may seem like the only way for you to come out ahead. But, you may want to rethink your attitude. As you will find this week, no matter how much effort you put into controlling the outcome, it will prove pointless. You are fighting with destiny, who has already made fated decisions. Freeing yourself from the bondages and misery of asserting your energy into such desires through meditation, will enable you to live your best life. Undue your tender heart from suffering and pain. Let go.




August 23-September 22


This week brings juxtaposing energies your way, which will lead you to hide away until your head stops spinning. Relationships are more confusing than ever, as you are overthinking and over analyzing others motives, rather than connecting with your emotions. Getting out of your head will be hard, especially in the beginning of the week, as you are consumed with love and other sentiments. The weekend urges you to implement boundaries in partnerships, while the backend of the week once again opens your heart to romance. The cosmic roller coaster may toy with your emotions. However, it’s up to you to navigate through this rocky energy by understanding your endgame. Being truthful with yourself is important, so is using tunnel vision to understand your sentiments, which fall on both ends of the spectrum.




Sept. 23-Oct. 22


You will be pushed in pulled in different directions this week, which will make you feel off-center. Trying to gain balance may prove challenging. But, with grounding exercises, you will be able to find your calm center. Sit in a chair, place your feet firmly on the ground, take deep breaths in and out for one minute, and allow yourself to feel the energy floating out of your body. This will help you become more present and calm. The takeaway from this week, is that life is one big balancing act. You cannot always make everybody happy. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure YOU are content. Even when things get tough, you will rise like a phoenix emerging from the ashes—tougher, more secure, and confident than ever—emerging transformed into the beautiful creature you are.




Oct. 23-Nov. 21


Your tendency to work hard for love, money, and power will prove moot this week. Not because you are loosing up the reigns, but because you are learning the best things in life are free and come without cost. You are now learning how to manifest abundance without sacrificing yourself for another (this includes professional aspirations as well as interpersonal relationships). Stop working hard for admiration. Take a step back and let others do the work. This will enable you to use your third eye to see their motives in a heartbeat, rather than beating yourself up. Flipping the narrative will help you to be aware of who truly cares and wants to be a part of your life. Then, you can focus on world domination with your devoted and equal standing partner.




Nov. 22-Dec. 21


While you may be tempted to assert your will on to others this week, it’s advisable to take a long pause to reflect on your intent before confronting others. More often than not, you tend to put your foot in your mouth, mincing heartfelt sentiments with blunt jumbled words (which don’t reflect your truest feelings). Finding the right way to express yourself will be hard, as you often prefer impulsive behavior to rigidity. By healing your throat chakra this week, your desire to speak your truth will help you feel more in tune with yourself. Carrying or wearing turquoise stones will strengthen your ability to attain emotional and creative success—with others and yourself. No matter which way the pendulum swings this week, a turquoise gemstone will allow you to live and love to your fullest capacity.




Dec. 22-Jan. 19


Allow yourself to embrace the unknown and take a risk this week, in order to fulfill your cosmic destiny. Give yourself time to move towards the new enlightened  path, by letting go of predisposed apprehensions. Just like the Devil Tarot Card (who is your sun sign’s tarot doppelgänger), you have choice in keeping yourself bound and in pain. The reason to stay locked up is the uneasiness associated with the unknown (yes, this includes fear of success and happiness). Whether you take a chance in love, a job, a friendship, or believing a rumor—you will be forced to step out of your comfort zone and squash the psychological constraints imposed on your mind by past traumas. With the right mindset, you can evolve. There’s a whole word full of unlimited possibilities waiting for you. Gamble on you.




Jan. 20-Feb. 18


Owning and understanding your phobias is hard, but doable only if you lean into your intuitive side. Listen to what your dreams tell you at night. Let your ancestors and spirits connect with you during your slumber. This will give you insights in healing your mind and heart. Keep a journal close to your bed and write down the first thing you remember from your dream. This will be key in guiding you towards a deeper understanding of yourself and others. You will even be motivated to grow and harvest your innermost desires, even if that entails just planting the seeds for the future. Your mind is ripe  and your heart is fertile with hope. Let your visions become a reality. Transcend your innermost aspirations into the material world, with a little help from your ancestors.




Feb. 19-March 20


Your soul is dying to be heard, and this week you will be seen for who you truly are. Allow yourself the space to express your anger and hurt. Let your voice be heard. Don’t be a martyr and blame yourself.  Feel your rage. Allow the hurt to pour out of you. This will all encourage you to accept your current situation and give you hope. The mystical alternative to healing (indeed of using endless boxes of tissues to dry your tears) is a restorative bath filled with rose petals, Himalayan sea salt, and rose quartz (for self-love and to mend your heart). You will feel revived and renewed by week’s end, as you have purged all the pain out of you, giving you the strength to carry on and move forward to contentedness.