WITCH TIPS & HOROSCOPES 9/11-9/17 2019


Astrology by Lisa Stardust


We start off the week with a soft connection between Mars, who’s in earthy Virgo, and the Nodes of Destiny on September 11th. We are making strides and taking action in the beginning of the week, all of which will serve to help future projects. Mars and Jupiter, who’s restless in fiery Sagittarius, square off on the 12th, pushing us to take action around manifesting our dreams. Friday the 13th brings passion our way, as the Virgo Sun and powerhouse planet Pluto, who’s retrograde in Capricorn, softly connect. Later in the day, Mercury and Venus link up in Virgo, allowing us to critique our hearts and financial plans. The Harvest Moon occurs on the 13th (on the West Coast) and the 14th (on the East Coast). Under this luminary, we will be cosmically pushed to understand ourselves on a deeper level—which may be scary. Honoring the Moon and our sentiments will help us elevate our emotional state of well being. The 14th brings a lot of change to our lives, as Mercury and Venus enter Libra. Mars opposes Neptune, who’s retrograde in Pisces, on the 14th, which will make us feel stuck and unable to make decisions. Healing asteroid Chiron, who’s retrograde in impulsive Aries, opposes Mercury on the 16th. Words have power and they can hurt on the 16th—and especially on the 17th, when Venus opposes Chiron retrograde. 

We are in the midst of a cosmic phenomenon called a “mystic rectangle.” A rare mystic rectangle occurs in the sky when there are two sets of oppositions that also aspect each other (by trine or sextile). Until October 1st, the mystic rectangle will reveal interesting news we never saw before. It can be juicy, but also scandalous. 


March 21 - April 19

Right now, the stars are pushing you to take time off to heal. It’s your golden opportunity to rest and unwind. Take time for yourself and reflect, in order to create a bright future. The Harvest Moon will make you extra retrospective, forcing you to explore your subconscious mind. You may be cosmically prone to rewind  and rewrite the past. You don’t have to redo situations that no longer exist—just try to have a different understanding of matters and your part in a situation. This week will bring emotional and mental clarity—if you are open to growth and change.


April 20 - May 20

You’ve been holding on to outdated beliefs and people who have been in your life beyond their expiration date. Letting go is extremely hard and extra challenging for you (as you do not like to end friendships and change). As long as you focus your energy on yourself you will be able to disengage with those who are holding you back. You are on the impetus of change and need to evolve in order to achieve your full potential. Even if this is a temporary sentiment, your heart will thank you. It’s time you spent your energy solely on yourself. 


May 21 - June 20

This week serves as your cosmic wake up call to find a balance between your personal and professional endeavors. You’re being pulled in two different directions now, which is why it’s important to take a moment to prioritize your life. Although your focus may be solely on work right now, as yourself if it’s worth it. Do you really want to have a rich professional life and have conflict at home? Keep in mind, you may regret your choices later. Schedule in time for yourself and the people close to you in order to satisfy both ends of the spectrum.


June 22-July 21

You’ve been feeling a little lost at sea lately? Or, struggling to find answers to situations that have been plaguing your mind (as you’ve recently been gaslighted)? Rather than ruminating and overloading matters in your head, rely on your gut to help solve the problems. The answers you’ve been searching for are within you. You know the truth; however, your head is too cloudy to make sense of your sentiments. Place an amethyst crystal on your crown chakra and mediate. Your intuition will guide you to resolve such dilemmas. Then, you will be able to move peacefully forward without inner conflict. 


July 23-August 22

Do you find decision making hard? Are your relationships marked with intensity? If so, you may need to implement boundaries within your partnerships. This week serves as your celestial  reminder to set limits within relationships and not overshare your feelings or allow others to take advantage of you. Boundaries are important because they allow you to say “no” without feeling that you have to explain why. Boundaries also prevent emotional animosity from forming within. Before submitting to the needs of others, try to take stock of your boundaries in order to make the right decisions for you (and you alone).


August 23 - September 22

You’re a giver, not a taker. Meaning, you tend to help others more than they assist you. This week highlights your innate need to stand by and support others. The only caveat is that you’re not putting yourself first. This mindset can lead to others emotionally walking all over you. In order to prevent this from happening, it’s essential that you put your needs first. It is imperative for you to take stock of your desires and wishes. No more riding the backseat in your life. You’ve earned the right to be selfish. It’s time for you to move into the driver's seat. 


September 23 - October 22

You’re trying to find your spiritual center this week (which may prove to be easier said than done). Instead of looking outwards and to others to fulfill this space, try to find it within yourself. At first, it may be challenging to awaken these emotions. But through mediation, you’ll be able to connect with your ancestors. They will help guide you down the right path and lead you to spiritual fulfillment. Build them an altar and prepare gifts for them (trinkets of appreciation), along with a cup of water to honor them. They’ll appreciate your offerings and lead you to inner bliss.


October 23-November 21

Your creativity is heightened this week by the Harvest Moon. Allow yourself to be artistically curious, as it will lead to tremendous success. Do yourself one solid favor and leave the negative thoughts behind. Positive thinking will help open your mind to new visions. Meditate on your creative aspirations. Be your own muse and inspire yourself. Surround yourself with like-minded people and read books that aim to motivate your artistic passions. All of this will help to elevate your creative pursuits to the next level. You’re on your way to becoming the artistic power player you’ve always wanted to be.


November 22 - December 21

Your core beliefs are in need of seasonal modification and you are currently unable to evolve, as you feel stuck in your current situation. While you are known to be a lover of philosophy and change, you’re having trouble moving forward with your dreams. This will cause an immense amount of friction to persist within, as your soul craves transformation. Take accountability of your life and understand that in order to grow, you need to take responsibility for your actions. By knowing your motives and desires better, you’ll be able to set forth and move forward on a new path.


December 22 - January 19

Your anxiety is at a high this week, due to all the tedious tasks and emails you have to reply to. Instead of allowing yourself to become frustrated, give yourself a momentary “time out” when your emotions rise. Allow yourself time to make it through your “to do” list. You work very hard and need to be gentle on yourself when it comes to mundane office activities. Don’t put extra stress on yourself.  Try to knock one goal of your list daily and give yourself a pat on the back when the objective is done. Don’t add any extra stress. 


January 20 - February 18

You find solace in lending your loving cup to others (after all, you’re the humanitarian of the zodiac). Lately, you’ve been feeling as though your kindness has been overlooked—which is causing you to feel a bit sad. This is a direct result of others not appreciating your generosity. The answer is simple: Don’t overextend yourself to those who don’t value  and recognize the amazing things you do for them. You shouldn’t overextend yourself and bend over backwards to those who aren’t thankful. Only give to those who express gratitude. Don’t share your chalice with those who aren’t worthy of your riches. 


February 19 - March 20

You’ve had a hard few months and now it’s  time to refocus your energy back on yourself. Your newly found sense of self-respect and pride will ruffle some feathers, as others may be startled by your high confidence. This may lead you to express your feelings and no longer refrain from bottling up your sentiments. Let your emotions be heard. Speak your truth. Even if it’s hard for others to hear, you will feel better having been open and honest with others. Chances are that they’ll want to remedy all matters swiftly and talk things out to avoid further conflict.