by Hoodwitch
Artwork by Nicholas Law

Artwork by Nicholas Law

Astrology by Lisa Stardust

Witch Tips

This week will prove to be another emotionally intense week, proving the drama never stops under the summer skies of 2020. However, we will find our moment of chill and reprieve over the weekend, if only for a moment. 

Mercury, who’s retrograde in sentimental Cancer, squares off with Mars, who’s in passionate Aries, on July 8th. This fraught connection will bring frustrations to a head and even create quarrels in our relationships. July 10th offerers a healing vibe, when Venus, who’s in chatty Gemini, aspects Chiron, who’s in fiery Aries. The asteroid Chiron starts it’s five month retrograde journey on the 11th, which will help us mend past trauma. The following day, Mercury ends it’s retrograde journey. Don’t get too excited, we still have two more weeks until Mercury clears its retrograde cycle on July 26th. Many mishaps and drama can happen until then. The Cancer Sun and Neptune, who’s retrograde in tender Pisces, connect on July 12th, bring out our repressed emotions and anxieties. The Sun opposes expansive Jupiter, who’s retrograde in Capricorn, on the 14th. This day can be an emotional high or low for us all — depending on the path we choose to follow. Mars and Chiron retrograde align on the 14th, pushing us towards self-love and personal healing. 


You’re being pulled to make decisions about your personal and professional life this week, which is affecting your one-on-one relationships. Before you make choices that can affect these aspects of your life, consider putting your partnerships first. Then, you can have your cake and eat it too without losing anything. 


The moment has come for you to speak your truth, even though it may be hard as you do not want to upset others. Your honest sentiments may ruffle a few feathers, but it will help you feel your war towards a better and higher sense of self with others. 


The world is pulling you in two different extreme directions, which is hard to keep up with. The remedy to your exhaustion is simple: Put your needs first. Take extra time to rest during the day if you have to. Self-care is now necessary to reduce stress in your life. 


You want to run away and hide under a rock (or at least you’re fantasizing about it) this week. The answer to your frustrations is simple: Disconnect totally over the weekend. Turn your phone off and go off the grid to recharge your energy and clear your aura from negativity. 


There’s been a ton of excitement within your friendship circle. This week, you’re making amends (or at least trying to) with those who you’ve recently argued with. Let them have their space to understand their feelings, don’t rush the healing process on both ends of the spectrum (yours and theirs). 


Finding your slice of happiness is easier than you could imagine. As long as you create a barrier between you and people who aren’t kind at heart, then you will find you can fly to new heights. Don’t involve yourself with negative drama this week, even if it is entertaining. 


All work and no play is starting to have an emotional affect on you. You need to create balance in all areas of your life to ensure that you don’t fall off-center and deplete your battery. It’s essential for you to take time off from the daily grind to decompress.  


You may find yourself stuck between an emotional rock and a hard place. With your anxiety at an extreme high, you will decide to duck out from dealing with the situation in an effort to avoid drama. However, the pressure for an answer and decision will be looming all week. 


Projecting your feelings onto others won’t guarantee a specific outcome. It will only emotionally distance you and them for quite some time. Although it’s hard, especially for your impulsive nature, choose your words wisely to make your points before having tough and intense conversations with friends and family this week. 


It’s never easy making the right decisions, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Try weighing out each outcome or making a list of objectives to become more concise in really finding out what you want from love and relationships. Then, you can move forward knowing your needs. 


You’ve been trying to process and understand the feelings you have for a former love throughout the past few weeks. After all of the emotional back and forth, you’ve come to realize that you are sure that  they’re not the one for you. Be kind when you tell them goodbye. 


Setting boundaries with yourself and others is extremely important. In fact, it’s more necessary than ever. You need to control the energy that floats into your orb and situations you involve yourself with to ensure happiness on your end. Put yourself first from now on and surround yourself with positivity.