by Hoodwitch

Written by Jessica Lanyadoo



 This week you’re likely to feel a building intensity emotionally or to notice that the people around you are more sensitive. It’s Eclipse Season, and the first Eclipse of the month is happening this week. Eclipses are huge. They mark a period of transition in which you'll set forces into motion that will play out over a long time to come. What you encounter within yourself and in your life during an Eclipse is generally a bit hard to look at but is also important for your growth and development.

At 6.48pm PST on the 12th, there will be a Solar Eclipse in Cancer. Solar Eclipses are New Moons with the volume turned all the way up. A New Moon is when the Sun (your identity and will) meets up with the Moon (your feels and memories). You'll either be able to see things more clearly and glow up or you'll get so mired in your position that you cut off your nose to spite your face.


This week’s Eclipse is being opposed by profound and compulsive Pluto, but there is also a tight Grand Earth Trine between Saturn, Venus, and Uranus, and a loose Grand Water Trine between Neptune, Jupiter, and the Sun/Moon conjunction. Without getting too lost in the weeds and technical details of what all of that astro-speak means, let me tell you this: what happens now counts. Grand Trines are a supportive flow of energy, and they're quite powerful. Here you have a chance to put into motion structures and sustainable actions that reflect your heart’s truth.


You can take the drama and the intensity of the Pluto opposition and really make use of it. The key is to remember that “what you resist shall persist”. Trying to evade or avoid painful content will only encourage it to grow in the darkness. Confront reality with patience and compassion but also determination to do your best to improve your life and the world around you. This is a fertile time to reorient the structures of your life to be both more creative and effective. Dare to step into the chaos of the unknown in efforts to better shape your life to your values. If you’ve been struggling financially, this is an excellent period to (re)organize your money or even to just set some priorities. If your relationships have been in a rough place, this energy can help you start to get some traction toward healing. What this energy does not favor is sitting around in victim-mode, waiting for someone to fix it for you.


Be the one you are waiting for. Pluto is the great healer and destroyer, but it’s energies are rarely indiscriminate. It takes what you don’t want to let go of, and it always makes its influence intensely felt. It’s time to pick your battles wisely and to select with great care your methods of engaging. You may want to fight, but if you do, you’d better prepare to have it be an explosive and long-lasting conflict as Eclipses have a long period of influence. Cancer is of course a super emo sign; its drives are safety-oriented and concerned with family, country, and heart. Capricorn is all about methodology and can be rigid, controlling, and insecure. The potential of this combination is that you achieve a greater form of emotional maturity than you’ve had before, and this is what you should be working towards.


Eclipse Homework:

What do you need to let go of in order to truly love?

What is it that you've been holding onto to feel safe but that's just keeping you stuck?

Where have you tried to absolve yourself of responsibility?

If you’ve been waiting for someone else to fix your life or the world’s problems, it’s time for a change. Be an active part of your own healing. You are the solution or you’re the problem, my loves.




March 21-April 19

What other people think of you is important (obvi), but when you let it define and direct you, you’re likely to be led astray. Take stock of what you believe about yourself and where those beliefs came from, Aries. The Eclipse is a powerful time for you to dig deep and transform that part of your self-esteem that is keeping you stuck in Groundhog Day. You're totally done with it. This week try to question the things you’ve been taking for granted.



April 20-May 20

Be a supportive friend to yourself instead of acting like everything's okay when it’s not, Taurus.  The role of fear in your process is important; fear allows you to perceive danger and to temper your actions for long-term gain. When your fears go rogue on you is when you have problems though. This week you’re meant to align yourself with what you want instead of what you fear you’ll get and with who you choose to be instead of what you worry others think you are.



May 21-June 21

It’s time to protect what you love, Twin Star. You’ve been busy, tossed about by the world around you, struggling to identify the right things to do. Take a pause, and realign with what gives you life. You'll likely still have to compromise as you recalibrate, but be more intentional about what you place on the back-burner. Your life is yours to shepherd down the path you want it to go. Reset your priorities this week.



June 22-July 22

You are meant to change and grow, and some of that is really hard, but some of it is beautiful. The Solar Eclipse in your sign is an opportunity for you to deepen your capacity to be present. In order for that to happen, you may first need to feel the discomfort of where you’re stuck. Take note of where you hurt, Moonchild. Strive to be protective without shutting down, and try to participate in ways that represent the person you are rather than reflecting the most defensive that you can be. You’ve got this.



July 23-Aug. 22

You can prepare the soil, plant the seeds perfectly, and water every day, but you can’t control the weather. This week you're meant to respond to what is, even if it’s not what you planned for. You are in a bit of a trap of your own making; you’ve decided on how things “should” be and are having a hard time moving on from there. There is so much in front of you that you can’t yet conceive of; don’t stop co-creating the path ahead as it unfolds, Leo.



Aug. 23-Sept. 22

You don’t need to know how this is going to go; all you need to clarify is how you’re willing to participate in it. Life is a dance, and there’s no universally wrong way to do it (other than to stay perfectly still). It’s time to collaborate with your fears, your hopes, your obligations, and your desires, to come to a more sustainable way of relating to your current situation. Nothing has to be written in stone, but if you’re not willing to commit to something, you’d better have a good reason, my love.



Sept. 23-Oct. 22

There are massive changes brewing for you, Libra, and the more of a willing participant you are for them, the better. Instead of looking around you at what is, stay aligned with what you’re willing to do to create what can be. It’s easy to become demoralized by the work ahead, but it doesn’t help you or your goals. Balance self-care and nurturance with a solid plan to move your life forward this week. You don’t have to be there now to have faith that you’re well on your way, my love.



Oct. 23-Nov. 21

When things are difficult is when you’re meant to try harder and to give more of yourself to what you believe in. Fortify your inner world to prepare for the challenges that are in your life this week, Scorpio. When you know that you have resources you can rely on, whether they’re people, habits, or your own attitudes, you will feel more resilient and handle things more gracefully. You don’t need to be perfect or to have “good vibes only,” but this absolutely isn’t the time to give up, my love.



Nov. 22-Dec. 21

You may want to rush to action this week, and as long as you temper your impulses with forethought, that’s OK. If you just jump in and get to it, you may not be able to rely on which impulses are guiding you. Instead of letting your strongest feels motivate you, make sure that you allow your wisest ones to also inform you, even if that requires you to sit with them for longer than you’re comfortable with. This week is ripe with creative potential, so try your best to do what will generate the greatest good, ‘Tarius.



Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Your relationships need your careful consideration, Cappy. When you feel insecure or even shy, you can push people away without realizing it. The Eclipse on the 12th will trigger old relationship patterns of yours in new ways; the best thing that you can do is to be here for it. Act in ways that reflect your integrity instead of your situation, and remember to honor who you want to be over the lowest common denominator in your life. Manage your reactions so that you step forward with your best self this week.




Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Be open, Aquarius. If you’re willing to look in directions that you usually ignore, you’re likely to find surprising insights that lead you to new solutions this week. You’re being confronted with how you think things “should” be versus how they currently are, and it’s uncomfortable. Things likely feel like they are moving both very slowly and way too quickly right now. The time is ripe for change; don’t allow defensiveness or attachment to your ideas to derail you.   




Feb. 19-March 20

Yours is the sign of the canary in the coal mine, but if you ignore your feels, you don’t get to use the data they’re capable of yielding. Listen to your inner knowing so that you can properly help yourself, Pisces. You may not perceive things in literal ways, but your instincts are valuable, and they deserve your attention. This week is bound to be intense. Your feels will be heightened alongside those of just about everyone around you. This isn’t the time to give up or give in, sweet one.