by Hoodwitch


Written By: Lisa Stardust



Season’s greetings and welcome to Winter!

This week marks both a new beginning and an end. The Sun ends it’s tour in Sagittarius and enters Capricorn on December 21st. Right before the solar and seasonal shift, worldly Sagittarius and rebellious Uranus (who is still moonwalking in impulsive Aries) connect one last time, instigating change and self discovery on December 20th. The following day, the seasonal shift occurs, marking the Winter Solstice, which is the shortest day and longest night of the year.

The Solstice brings more than just the solar ingress into Capricorn—it also marks a time of reflection, thinning of the veil between the spiritual and physical world, seasonal change, and a time of celebration.

Under the magical moonlight of the Solstice, at 2:23PM PST/5:23PM EST, you can feel the energetic change howling through the wind. Be sure to fill your evening with seasonal merriment, through the witching hour, until dawn the next day. What sets 2018 Winter Solstice apart from yesteryear’s is the Cold Full Moon in watery Cancer occurring on 22nd at 9:48AM PST/12:48PM EST  (the day after the Solstice), which will cause the sky to illuminate from the moonlight. This is the second Cancer Full Moon in 2018, the first luminary in Cancer was January 1st, which is fitting because this is the last Full Moon of 2018. We are right back to the emotional energy we felt this past New Year’s Day. Further, the Geminid Meteor Shower will sprinkle shooting stars across the cosmos all throughout the Solstice and Full Moon, allowing us to all wish upon a star, with hopes that our dreams come true. Another amazing celestial event is happening this week! The rarely seen “Christmas Comet”   will light up the sky from the 23rd to the 25th, making its way through the Pleiades (“the Seven Sisters”) who reside on the shoulders of the Bull in the constellation Taurus.. The Wirtanen comet hasn’t been visible in 11 years, and is extremely close to the Earth. Be sure to check out the wonderful green glow this holiday.  

Venus (who is in passionate Scorpio) and Neptune (who surfing the cosmic waves dreamy Pisces) softly connect, while Mercury (who is traveling through blunt Sagittarius) and Jupiter (who is also in philosophical Sagittarius) link up the same day as the Solstice, allowing us to gain clarity about our dreams.  

Finally, Mercury pivots out of post retrograde shadow on December 24th, ending the retrograde journey that lasted November 16th - December 6th, with a square to illusive Neptune—bringing us back to the confusion and uncertainty we felt November 17th (the day after Mercury commenced its retrograde journey).

Evoke the spirit of past, present, and future during the Solstice and Full Moon. Light a Yule log for protection from evil entities, have a feast, let go of past emotional baggage, place a sprig of Holly by your door to bring in seasonal luck, and give to those less fortunate than yourself.

Situations and relationships may feel murky by Christmas Eve. Disengage  from the anxieties and stresses of daily life from the holidays. Try to live in the moment, by disconnecting from social media, holding off on selfies, and turning your phone off for a few hours while you enjoy the momentary bliss of the holidays. The best and most rewarding gift you can give yourself is the ability to live in the present. Live in the now, enjoy each moment, and live to the fullest. Remember, the darkest hour is just before dawn. Stumble out of the darkness and into the light during the Full Moon and seasonal merriment.

Solstice Blessings and Happy Full Moon!

May love, peace, and joy be yours this holiday and always!



March 21-April 19


The Solstice brings clarity to your intimate and worldly pursuits, as Mercury and Jupiter give you direction towards implementing your new visions. While you may have felt unclear in past weeks about your life path, the Solstice inspires you to put your dreams into action and run full speed ahead with your seasonal goals. The caveat, is that fear may hold you back, as Neptune creates roadblocks (within your mind) on the 21st. However, the Full Moon on the 22nd helps you carve out a life you enjoy, allowing you to let go of past fears and revive your energy with exciting possibilities and fresh opportunities.


Let go of confusion, distractions, and disorganizations to manifest a clear route towards self and professional discovery. This week offers clarity in the personal and professional sphere of your chart, if you choose to act on it. Remember, who you are inside is more important than what you do for a living. What you give to the world is second to what you give to yourself.




April 20-May 20


Your need for understanding on the 20th, sets off a desire to find new routes in embracing your personal magic, just in time for the Solstice on the 21st. This includes celebrating your spirituality and relationship with nature. 


Like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, Mercury and Jupiter will open your mind under the luminous Solstice sky. You'll gain a deeper understanding of yourself by tossing out old views, which will allow you to transcend through the most mysterious and deepest forces within the world. This new found sense of self will allow you to have an edge over others during the Full Moon on the 22nd, as your superior knowledge of the spiritual and physical realms will help you manifest your deepest truths and desires.




May 21-June 21


Your recent sacrificial attitude has left you feeling unseen for your efforts and under-appreciated by your peers. Not receiving credit and praise for your glories has made your effervescent personality feel a little less bubbly these days, allowing insecurities to take over you. Doubt may have clouded your mind, confusing your logical brain with half truths and gaslighting from others.


The Solstice and Full Moon help realign you with your power, giving you the ability to see through the darkness, into a place of emotional security. Mercury and Jupiter give you strength and support inspiring you to surround yourself with like minded people, who will encourage you to reclaim your confidence and open your eyes to the light. Throw out logic and reason, evoke your intuition. Allow the voice inside to guide you- learn to trust your gut!




June 22-July 22


The juxtaposition of energies from the Solstice and the Full Moon will make you more sensitive to the vibrations of others, causing your tail to spin. The combination of water and fire on the 21st may put your inner passions on the back burner, as your empathic nature absorbs the good and the bad energy emitted.


Sweet Moon child, instead of crawling under a rock and hiding, take a Himalayan Salt bath to release the toxins that have built up within you. Like squeezing a sponge, the residual energy from others needs to be released. Your body needs to be restored. Your aura needs to heal and be cleansed from the constant roller coaster of anxieties that permeate in the air. Only then, can you embrace your own self and be in the moment for the holidays.




July 23-Aug. 22


Neptune’s presence in the sky during the Solstice, opens an alluring gateway into the occult, as it sensitizes your psychic abilities. The Full Moon will further open your mind, allowing you to see matters in a new light, giving you insights from multiple perspectives.


As the veil is thinned during Yule time celebrations, try to unmask your psychic powers and allow yourself to peer into the other worlds. Ask your guides for help, as you travel along with them in the spiritual realms in search of divine guidance. Bring those insights back into the physical realm to help fulfill your dreams. Use your courageousness to travel in multiple dimensions, and awaken a desire to move towards your heart’s path.




Aug. 23-Sept. 22


‘Tis the season of giving, and no one understands the season of holiday accordance more than you! With the Solstice and the Full Moon setting off juxtaposing energies within your chart, you see no choice but to give yourself freely to selfless service during Yule time festivities. Whether it be holding a Solstice party for your community, giving gifts to charity, or volunteering at a local organization—you are embracing togetherness, surrounding yourself and the ones you love with seasonal warmth and merriment, which is what the holidays are all about.


Mercury is a little off the walls this week, creating inner frustrations on the 21st and private sentiments to come to a head on the 24th. Put this extra energy into a humanitarian effort of your choosing to appease Mercury’s hot and cold temperament. Also, practice meditation to get through the Mercurial emotional stresses. 




Sept. 23-Oct. 22


As the Full Moon approaches and the blistery wintery winds tip your scales, you're being called to release any attachments to suffering. Let go of disappointments, pain, and anger under the emotional Cancer Full Moon. Once you release all the pain within yourself, you will feel mentally and emotionally lighter.


Venus and Neptune are harmoniously aspecting each other, just as Mercury and Jupiter join forces, allowing you to freely discuss your feelings. Open up and let your pain flow out, and inspire yourself to move forward through self transformation. Balance out your scales by embracing your demons and your attributes. That’s right Libra, give yourself some TLC by whispering sweet sentiments to yourself daily.




Oct. 21-Nov. 21


The 20th brings fresh energy to your daily grind, as Uranus and the Sun set off a sweet chain of events that'll lift your spirits into the 21st, when Mercury and Jupiter link. Soak in this energy as it's filling your loving cup with self confidence and awareness, just in time for the Solstice. With all of the fire heating up your chart, be cognizant of Venus and Neptune as they gently aspect each other on the 21st.  This Solstice, you may feel as though your passions have been tempered with a fire extinguisher, leaving you lack lustered and lost in emotion under the Full Moon on the 22nd. 


The 24th may heighten your feelings of self worth, as you are unable to enjoy what is in front of you, shifting your focus instead on the next best thing. Try to give yourself a break on Christmas Eve and assert compassion on yourself, rather than critiques. News flash, you’re not perfect—but, NO ONE is perfect. Love yourself more this week Scorpio, flaws and all.




Nov. 22-Dec. 21


Intimacy is hard for everyone, especially you swift archer, as you are known to run away from long term projects and prospects in search of freedom. However, watery Neptune will extinguish your fiery desire to run wild through the world, offering you the chance to connect on all levels (spiritual, mental, and physical) with others on the 21st.


Under the Solstice stars and Full Moon, you will dive deep into the Cancerian emotional ocean and give yourself to another (or others) without hesitation. This week is powerful for you, enabling you to heal yourself and connect to feelings deep within your soul which may never have surfaced before. Examining these emotions will allow you to create a new path and destroy past phobias that have held you back from mutual care, trust, and commitment (which is needed in every relationship). How you connect with others is of importance now, as you are learning to put down your hurtful arrows and sling TLC towards those you care about.




Dec. 22-Jan. 19


The Solstice kicks off the yearly solar rendezvous on your Sun, allowing your efforts to be front and center, on display for others to see. However, with Mercury and Jupiter roaming through the private sector of your chart, during the Solstice, you’re more focused on taking time to yourself. Use this time for reflecting and healing, rather than being in the limelight.


The Full Moon on the 22nd forces you to evoke your patience and understanding within relationships, while the 24th gives you the chance to improve issues with others and work through withstanding issues. Allow yourself to mend fences as your heart will be tender, soft, and sentimental the night before Christmas.




Jan. 20-Feb. 18


The holiday madness may have you tempted to fly away into your secret world. Be careful not to get too lost in the inner hidden and clandestine parts of your mind, as it may awaken your deepest fears on the Solstice. Be sure to light your Yule log or a white candle for protection from darker forces and energies that live within you. Instead, make an effort to see the light and beauty that resides in your heart under the tender Full Moon on the 22nd.


The veil is extremely thinned for you, Aquarius, as you are transitioning into a deeper spiritual mindset away from materialism. Welcome the Spirits who visit you in your dreams on the Solstice, and ask them for assistance in finding your inner path and to fill your aura with love and light. Connecting to the other side will not only help you understand yourself better, but also make you feel linked to the world at large by the 24th. Embrace this week's energy, and you'll surely feel the holiday spirit and manifest your subconscious desires.




 Feb. 19-March 20


The Solstice brings your seasonal wishes and best thoughts out, putting you in the mood for Yule festivities. The Full Moon smothers you with encouragement, and further pushes you towards implementing your dreams into reality.


As your planetary ruler Jupiter links up with Mercury on the 21st, you are gifted divine knowledge and the ability to create magically inventive projects, which may have originated through your imaginative childhood dreams. However, illusive Neptune and indulgent Venus may force your goals to take a back seat in favor of seasonal activities, as you may get too swept up in enjoying the holiday spirit. Try to follow through with your projects. Don’t let lethargy hold you back from your artistic endeavors, as your groundbreaking discoveries on the 20th could lead to infamy by Christmas Eve.